Energizer Multi-port charger pack hands-on

Since we all wish our phones or tablets lasted longer we decided to hunt out a few charger packs while roaming the halls at CTIA 2012. One we came across was the Energizer multi-port charger. What makes this unique is the multiple ports for charging. One for smartphones, and another higher output port for Android tablets or even that shiny new iPad.

Energizer's new universal multi-port charger shown below comes in multiple sizes, but we were taking a look at the 5,000 mAh model that will be priced at $75.99. This will charge that smartphone of yours completely dead to 100% almost 4 times, or more if you're one of those "I'm halfway empty, time to charge" type of people. It has dual USB ports for charging multiple devices at once, and one offers a higher output for tablet support.

Energizer's equipped the top with 3 blue LED's that double as charging and battery status indicator lights. One tap will give you a battery status report, and long press powers on the device for charging. Then from there the LED's will show charging status as your battery fills up. This is nothing new, we've seen similar products many times before but another affordable and portable battery pack is always welcome in my travel bag.

The blue magnetic cable clips shown in the pictures is also a nice touch although makes the device appear more bulky than it really is. They they help keep that cable clutter to a minimum. Again these come in multiple sizes and the 5,000 mAh model shown here will retail starting this month for $75.99 for those interested in a little extra juice for their gadgets.