Elliptical Machine Office Desk makes you workout while you work

We can be honest here we are among friends. No matter how cool your job is, work sucks. It's a life sucking, free-time killing proposition no matter how you cut it. Some jobs are better than others, but there are still days when you just don't want to be there. I know a bunch of people that blame their jobs for their weight issues. Hammacher Schlemmer has a new desk that gives you no excuse to be fat and pasty even if your job keeps you chained to a desk all day. The desk setup is called The Elliptical machine Office Desk.

The system includes a desk that has an adjustable height with some slots for mounting monitors to the desk so they can move up and down easily. The key part though is the semi-recumbent elliptical trainer chair. The thing is built to operate at slower speeds so the user can pedal away and not be too distracted. Hammacher claims the user can burn about 4,000 calories in a typical workweek. The desk can adjust from 27" to 47" to accommodate the elliptical trainer, a normal chair, or a standing worker.

The resistance of the trainer is electronically controlled with the little LED screen assembly you see on the left side in the pics. It will track distance, watts, rpm, and the number of calories burned and can store details for up to 30 users. The good news is that you can still blame being fat and pasty on work unless you make enough to smile and spend the $8,000 plus $450 shipping the thing costs.

[via Hammacher]