eero mesh Wi-Fi is now available on the Apple Store

It's no small thing to become part of Apple's online store. Like with its digital app stores, Apple carefully curates what it puts on its device catalog, approving only those that meet its very stringent requirements. It's no surprise then, that mesh Wi-Fi system maker eero is wearing like a badge the fact that it is now available for purchase on the Apple Store, at least on the online store in selected markets.

This is pretty much the culmination of eero's efforts to make its mesh routers more enticing to the Apple crowd. Just a few months ago, it added support for Apple's HomeKit smart home platform. Although not exactly a requirement, it probably helped get a thumbs up to be sold on the Apple Store by being the first to add support for it.

With the HomeKit integration, eero owners are able to manage their Wi-Fi meshes from the Apple Home app on iPhones and iPads. Its key feature, however, is how eero promises to protect connected devices, specifically HomeKit devices, with its firewall and security system. You can, for example, choose to block any outside communication with your IoT appliances, ensuring they can only talk among themselves inside the house.

A variety of eero devices are now available on the Apple Store. These include packs that include three eero or eero Pro Mesh Wi-Fi routers but there are also individually sold routers as well. It's also possible to buy a system that includes one eero Pro router and one or two beacons.

eero says that its products can be found on the Apple online stores for the US, the UK, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, and Spain. There is no word on whether the same products will be available in retail stores so don't expect to see them when you walk into one. At least when the stores do open.