"Edge Of Tomorrow" Sci-Fi Movie Trailer With Tom Cruise And Emily Blunt Revealed

Warner Bros.' upcoming science-fiction action flick "Edge of Tomorrow" has made its Internet debut with the release of its first trailer. Previously known by the name "All You Need is Kill", Edge of Tomorrow stars Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt, and brings to the stage some mech-suited futuristic battle goodness, and just a taste of Groundhog Day deja vu.

The idea behind the movie is simple: Cruise, who is wrapped up in a futuristic army where soldiers wear mech suits and engage in impressively explosive battles, dies mid-fight, only to wake again and find himself starting the journey anew. Anyone who has seen the Bill Murray classic Groundhog Day will be quite familiar with the idea of "Live. Die. Repeat."

The plot twist takes place when Emily Blunt's character tells Cruise's Lt. Col. Bill Cage to find her after he comes back, only for both to die in a fiery explosion. He does, and such kicks off a tricky revelation and some days of training, all of it ending with Blunt's advisement to Cage when he says he's not a soldier: "Of course you're not. You're a weapon."

A very brief look at the film was given back at Comic Con, but the trailer lays it all out nicely, and beyond the plot shows off the movie's rather outstanding graphics. Those who want to see how Cage manages to pull out of the unfortunate (or fortunate, depending on how you look at it) time loop, the movie hits theaters in the summer 2014.

SOURCE: First Showings