Dropbox free 1TB pro upgrade: cloud storage has become cheap

While the "cloud" still lacks a formal, universally accepted definition, it has become a common term thrown around in both tech and media. Cloud storage has, in fact, become so common that there are already dozens of business competing in a once Dropbox-dominated market. It now has Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, and Box to contend with, among others. To widen its lead, Dropbox just upgraded its Pro and Business Standard tiers with an additional 1 TB all for free. Sadly, the needle hasn't moved at all for its other plans.

Here's where things stand now. The Dropbox Professional (individual) plan now offers 2 TB of storage up from 1 TB for $19.99 per month or $199 per year billed monthly. The Dropbox Business Standard plan, on the other hand, goes up from 2 to 3 TB at $15 monthly or $150 yearly payments.

This puts it in the same ballpark as Google Drive's offering of 1 TB at $9 per month. It definitely blows OneDrive out of the water, with the latter strangely limiting users to 1 TB max, no matter the tier. Box, however, does have a Business plan that offers unlimited storage for $17.30 a month, though that is on a per user basis.

Cloud storage has definitely become more affordable these days, which is as it should be considering how almost everyone is trying to push users to put their data on the cloud. While Dropbox sings of the benefits of putting your life and your work on the cloud, there are also the risks involved in practically surrendering your data to these companies (especially if you tend to delete your copy form your, say, your phone).

Sadly, Dropbox still doesn't seem to be interested in upgrading the experience for its free users. Not much of a surprise there. It still offers only 2 GB for its Basic plan while Google Drive starts off with 15 GB (shared with your photo storage) and even Microsoft OneDrive has a slightly generous 5 GB offering.