Download your free God of War II track for Guitar Hero III

Xbox 360 rockers snagged their own free track for Guitar Hero III some time ago. Well, it's finally time for PS3 gamers to have their day, and their own free track. We recently told you that there would be a free God of War track up for download in the near future, and today is that day. Hit the jump for a sneak peak video featuring the song.

The End Begins (to Rock) sounds like it will be a blast to play. Xbox 360 players are out of luck, so I wouldn't even bother watching that video to see how much rocking you're going to miss out on.

While I can certainly understand why these tracks wouldn't be seen on another platform, I'm not a big fan of exclusives. Since the game is on both PS3 and Xbox 360, hopefully they won't start making other non-gaming tracks exclusive to one platform or the other.

[via MaxConsole]