DIY Toilet Paper Printer, Tweets For Your Butt

The 90's ruined me, I find it hard to think about TP today without thinking about The Great Cornholio. I bet had our pal Beavis not been a raving idiot, he would have used this TP printer that writes tweets or content from a RSS feed directly onto your favorite paper. Apparently this printer contraption was invented by a German dude named Mario Lukas to enter some sort of tech competition.

I would certainly give the man bonus points for originality. The printer is made from wood and a lot of ingenuity along with various bits from old optical drives. The mechanical parts you see were scavenged from the old CD drives and then mounted onto the wood frame of the printer. An Arduino controller is the brains for the printer.

The printer has network connectivity to get the feeds from the web and print them out. I'm not sure exactly what the print ink being used is. I don't see anything in the build notes about the ink cartridge. The finished product is very odd in an impressive sort of way. Check out the video to see the build process.

[via Make]