Disney Buys Kids Social Network Togetherville

Rue Liu - Feb 24, 2011
Disney Buys Kids Social Network Togetherville

Disney has bought social network Togetherville today for an undisclosed amount. Disney is combining the popularity of social networks with its popularity amongst kids. Togetherville operates just like other social networking sites and uses Facebook to enable connections, but the target users are kids aged 10 and under.

Togetherville allows parents to monitor their kid’s activity and gives kids a more secure environment to socialize online. Parents can approve their kids friends request and can even connect with other parents of children on Togetherville if the parents are on Facebook. Parents can choose pre-selected messages for their kids or have those messages checked by the parent before being sent out.

Kids can form “neighborhoods” with their Facebook friends where they can form their own group of friends and watch videos, play games, and create art. Parents and children can connect to their school communities, which will allow parents and children to interact with friends from school without having the parents to connect through Facebook.

[via TechCrunch]

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