Discord removes some features that no one cared about

On Wednesday, messaging platform Discord announced that it was cleaning house by getting rid of some older features that people weren't actually using. The company said this decision was based partly on feedback and likewise on its goal to introduce new features only if they 'don't make it bulky and take away from the core chat experience.' With that in mind, the Library and Activity Feed have both been canned.

First up is the activity feed, which had been launched with the intention of helping users see what their friends were doing and on what was happening with the games they played. Ultimately, though, Discord says this feature just ended up adding bulk and that it wasn't meeting its intended purpose very well. That was why the company launched Channel Following last fall.

One issue with Activity Feed was that users were seeing game news updates for games that they had only played at some point in the past but may not have played in the months since. Channel Following offers considerably more control over what information shows up in the servers you care about.

Then, of course, there's the Library feature — that, too, has been removed. Discord explained in a Medium post that its users weren't finding this feature 'useful' and so it decided to do away with it. For the same reason, Discord has also removed the Universal Game Launcher. Anyone who has bought or will buy a game through Discord will always have access to it, the company says.

These users will see the Library tab for the obvious reason of having access to their games, but Discord says they can get rid of it within User Settings under the 'Appearance' section if they no longer want to have the tab. The changes are live in the Discord apps now.