DirecTV to get TiVo DVRs as early as next month

I have been on DirecTV for years now because my neighborhood has the worst cable company on Earth. I have had DVRs the entire time I have been on the service and I have always liked the DVRs with a few quibbles. DirecTV has been talking about launching TiVo DVRs for years, but that has never happened. The launch day is now close though so DirecTV fans that want TiVo will be able to get one possibly as soon as next month.

Originally, the TiVo HD DVR for DirecTV was expected in 2009, but it never came to be. Sadly, the DVR that is coming next month sounds like it is packing tech from 2009. The DVR will reportedly be using the older DirecTV HR22-100 hardware and will use the old TiVo interface as well. The real deal killer for DVR fans on DirecTV is that the TiVo DVR will not be able to be used in the whole home DVR system.

The TiVo box is said to be unable to stream programming to other DirecTV DVRs on the same network. The existing DirecTV DVRs will also not be able to stream to the TiVo units. The price and fees associated with the TiVo units are also unknown. I want whole home and if this thing won't work, I just don't see a big market this side of users not interested in whole home DVR service. If the box has more tuners inside or a huge amount of storage, it would be more appealing.

[via Zats Not Funny]