DirecTV App For iPad Available But Not For Streaming Content

Rue Liu - Feb 28, 2011
DirecTV App For iPad Available But Not For Streaming Content

DirecTV’s official iPad app is now available in the iTunes store for free. The app allows users to turn their iPads into a remote control for their DirecTV boxes. They can perform all the normal remote control functions as well as schedule their DVR schedules for recording shows. The app will let users check the listings up to 14 days in advance and schedule recordings without interrupting what they’re currently watching.

DirecTV’s app gives you more detailed information and customization over your programming like the cast names and parental ratings of shows. Or, you can follow your favorite sports teams and their schedules. The app has a customizable home screen with favorite channels and modules. You can select your favorite channels to show up first and see what’s playing, or find out the sports scores and events for your favorite team or league.

The only gripe so far is that the app does not let users stream content to their iPad like you can with the Slingbox. Users also cannot delete shows off the playlist. The app does work with HD DVRS on the home network.

[via Electronista]

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