Details On Dell's 27-Inch LCD Leaked

We knew earlier this month when Samsung announced its 27-inch LCD panel, that Dell was surely coming out with its much anticipated 27-inch LCD monitor in early 2007. But, from a supposed leak by Dell, a picture switcheroo accident last week, we no longer have to wait a week till CES 2007 to see the full creation.

The features diagram of the 2702WFP from an employee training manual was supposedly posted online by accident at a product site for the 20-inch 2007WFP. Confused monitor enthusiasts soon discovered this discrepancy and now the diagrams are sure to be everywhere over the internet, just as it is here.

Well, how convenient for creating some buzz before the official release just a few days away. But nonetheless, the price remains a mystery, but not for long as this 27-inch display is expected to be available for sale soon after its CES launch.

Dell leaks 27-inch computer LCD details [Via: Electronista]