Destiny 2 Cross-Play goes live months ahead of schedule

MMOs have never really gone away but they have definitely moved on from cookie-cutter RPGs. Some of the most popular ones like Destiny 2 do have RPG elements but focus more heavily on the cooperative and competitive aspects of gameplay. As massive as these worlds may be, however, some of them are still confined within the worlds of their respective platforms, even if they're actually available on multiple ones. Destiny 2 finally breaks down those barriers with Cross-Play support that just went live well ahead of its estimated launch date.

It was actually late last year when developer Bungie announced full cross-play support coming to Destiny 2. That meant that all players on all platforms will be able to play with and against one another, whether they're on consoles, PC, or streaming via Google Stadia. The initial target date for the feature's release was sometime in the Fall of 2021 but, lo and behold, someone flipped the Switch now.

Stadia Source reports Stadia players seeing Destiny 2 players with usernames that wouldn't have been allowed on Stadia. They've also started seeing friends who were on other platforms, like Steam or NVIDIA GeForce NOW. It isn't yet clear how widespread cross-play availability is but it's looking good for players indeed.

It's also uncertain whether the availability of cross-play was accidental or intentional. Judging by those same reports, users are getting mixed results in getting the feature to work. Cross-platform invites, in particular, are still missing and workarounds are needed to get any sort of cross-play started.

Destiny 2 Cross-Play arrived with the new Season of the Splicer update, though it definitely didn't mention that critical new feature. That season brings Armor Synthesis, among other things, that was already earning a lot of criticism even before it became available.