Dell Streak miniUSB dongle is DIY workaround [Video]

After the discovery that, beyond a few apparently unconnected wires, the Dell Streak's seemingly proprietary charging/docking port is in fact a PDMI connector, John from Linuxslate took it on himself to mod a suitable miniUSB adapter dongle.  It's crafted from an original Dell USB charge/sync cable and, for the housing, the USB cable clip Dell supply.Video demo after the cut

As you might expect, the cable allows the Streak to be plugged in via a regular USB to miniUSB cable and synchronized with your computer (or merely mounted as an external drive in the usual Android way), together with recharging the smartphone/tablet via any USB charger you may have to hand.  This seems like an obvious adapter for Dell themselves to sell, but perhaps they're too keen on offloading their own (rather expensive) accessories.

[via StreakSmart]