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Paramount releases their first three game titles

Back in March Paramount movie studios announced that they were going to be breaking into the gaming business. Now they’ve just announced their first three titles and I have to say I’m quite underwhelmed.

They announced that they will be releasing Mean Girls, Clueless and Pretty in Pink. Although I very much liked the movies they listed (well except Pretty in Pink), there isn’t a chance in hell I’d play a game based off of them. I am a bit of a girl, so I do like girly things.

However, unless I’m lobbing off some teen zombie’s head I’m really not going to be into these games. Although the movies were entertaining to watch, I really don’t have high hopes for these games.

[via kotaku]

Nintendo loses patent infringement case, may have to pull controllers from store shelves

If you’ve thought about purchasing a GameCube, Wavebird or Wii Classic controller sometime in the future, you might want to go ahead and grab one now. Nintendo has just lost a case that may very well see these controllers taken off the market.


E3 will return in 2009

This year’s E3 was nothing short of pathetic in comparison to the previous years. This has left many analysts and influential industry leaders wondering whether or not the show should, or even will continue. As it turns out, the ESA is determined to give it at least one more go. Check out the official quote from the ESA.


Rumor – More shots of Sony’s PSP 3000

Remember those spy shots of a supposed new PSP model 3000? I hope so, as it was only yesterday that I showed them to you. Well it seems that more images have surfaced that suggest similar changes.


Microsoft announces DirectX 11

By now many gamers are getting on board with DirectX 10, as prices have fallen on DX10 hardware so that it is well within a reasonable budget. However, with plenty of users still using the older DX9, Microsoft is already moving forward by introducing another new version of DirectX.


ASUS Eee PC 1000HD: the 10-inch 900Mhz option nobody asked for

ASUS seems to have confused “innovation” and “repetition”, since they’re apparently committed to churning out every possible combination of Eee PC possible.  Latest to clog up comparison charts is the 1000HD, the dreary offspring of the existing 1000H and 904 models.


The Cyber Clean cleans out your keyboard

We’ve all heard that our keyboards are probably one of the most disgusting germ infested items we come across on a regular basis.  However, there are still a great many of us who either don’t do a lot about it or just don’t know how to go about cleaning off all of the gunk.


The Bed Beam shoots rays of light from under your bed

If you’d like to wake up every morning feeling like a ray of #@!%* sunshine, well then this is the bed for you. This bright and shining bed shoots rays out from underneath your bed as if the sun rose and set from out of your ass mattress.


Brando’s food inspired USB drives

If you prefer your gadgets looking extremely edible, these cute little guys from USB Brando would be great. They have everything from your health foods to the slightly more high calorie treats.


MacBook Touch tipped to be Apple’s secret development

Shortly after Apple reignited rumors of a touchscreen Mac Tablet with the disclosure that the company is “very excited” about a new project incorporating fresh “technologies and features”, MacDailyNews has heard from a trusted tipster that the product is indeed a multitouch keyboard-free tablet.  Describing the device –  MacBook Touch – as a little smaller than a MacBook display with an iPhone-style glass surface, advanced gesture library, slot-loading SuperDrve, accelerometer and GPS, the source claims the new tablet will launch “by October at the latest”.


SanDisk blames ‘Vista shortfalls’ for delays in MLC SSDs

SanDisk has criticised Microsoft’s Windows Vista OS as not being “optimized” to take advantage of the speed benefits of solid-state drives.  Speaking during the company’s Q2 financial results conference call, SanDisk Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Eli Harari described what he called the “Vista shortfalls” and how developing their SSD drives had been a special challenge.  In fact, Harari blamed Vista for putting SanDisk behind its competitors in the sector.


SIM2 Domino D60: sub-$5k DLP projector

A home projector for under $5,000 wouldn’t usually be groundbreaking news, but when it comes with a SIM2 logo you’ll see enthusiasts interest perking up.  Known for their behemoth DLP projectors, which can tip the scales at $30,000, the company has a reputation for incredible image quality.  Now the new Domino D60, capable of 1080p, takes the place as one of the company’s entry-level options, with SIM2 promising video better than projectors with 10,000:1 contrast ratios.