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Loewe’s the Individual crystal-studded LCD TV

If you aren’t satisfied with just any LCD TV, this overly shiny version will surely keep your friends envious. This limited edition Loewe TV is covered in little crystals all along the edge, to give it that “I have too much money” look.

The TV pictures are displayed at 16:9 cinema format and is 1366 x 768 pixels. The TV decked out in crystals measures 80cm across, diagonally of course. It is sold in black as well as white, although the black looks plenty chic.


Sony SRT-DG820 AV Receiver with HD Audio launches in Europe

Sony Europe has announced availability of three new home cinema AV receivers, each supporting 1080p 24fps True Cinema high-definition.  The range flagship, the SRT-DG820, also includes full HD audio decoding, including Dolby True HD, dts Master Audio and eight-channel Linear PCM.  All three have HDMI v1.3 inputs together with digital audio and standard A/V inputs, support BRAVIA Sync for unifying remote control, feature auto-calibration and a Sony Digital Media port for plugging in WiFi or Bluetooth adaptors, iPods or Walkman PMPs.


Logitech QuickCam Vision Pro webcam first for Mac from company

Mac-owners, cease your ongoing protests against the cold-shoulder of Logitech.  The peripheral company has announced its latest webcam, the Logitech QuickCam Vision Pro webcam for Mac, and while it may resemble just about any other recent model from Logitech’s range, in actual fact it’s the first they’ve made that’s Apple-compatible. 


Readybot domestic robot prototype video: now with Roomba garage

The “Readybot Challenge” team have released footage of their domestic robot, intended to demonstrate the feasibility of a home-help robot capable of performing up to 80-percent of routine chores.  This current Readybot prototype – which resembles a dishwasher with a bin-lid dome and outstretched “hug me!” arms – can tidy up mess left on the floor, empty trash and, thanks to a flip-down garage at the back, release a Roomba robotic vacuum cleaner.

Check out the video of Readybot in action, after the cut!


Limbo of the Lost devs speak up

Remember that game we showed you not long ago that ripped off Oblivion (among several other titles)? Well the developer has been pretty quiet about the entire issue, until now. Hit the jump for the official response from Magestic.


Rock Band Weekly DLC – Weezer and Pixies

Today is Tuesday, which usually means a three-pack of songs to download for Rock Band. However, they’ve decided to change things up this week by not only giving you a trio of tracks, but they’re also putting up an entire album from the Pixies. Hit the jump for the details.


Okami replacement covers shipping with a bonus

A little while back the good folks a Capcom found themselves in a tight spot. It seems that someone used a picture which was watermarked by IGN for the cover of Okami for the Wii. Talk about embarrassing. They decided to make up for it by offering up free replacement cover art, which is promised to be watermark-free. So the question now is where the heck those covers are.


2K Games removes installation restrictions for Bioshock

Around the time Bioshock came out, 2K games came under fire due to the included DRM and the limited number in installs for the game. They eventually upped the limit, however, some users have still been having issues with reinstalling the game, so once again 2K has stepped up to fix things.


The Digital Door Viewer replaces peepholes

For those that can’t just peak out the front door to find out who is out there without getting caught, this little gadget might come in handy.  It can spy who is outside by kicking on through a motion sensor and from somewhere else in your home you can find out if it’s someone you actually want to see.


The DIY Turn Signal Biking Jacket

If you’d like to save money on gas and ride around on a bicycle instead of driving to work everyday, then this shirt tutorial might make you feel a bit more safe. Although biking saves money, all the traffic and people in a rush can be dangerous and this sweater lets drivers know which direction you are going

I have to admit, I moved to a small city and the traffic conditions tend to be a bit congested and on the hazardous side. Which means, I really don’t feel like going out on a bike into a bunch of traffic. The tutorial on Instructables teaches you how to put some LED lights into your sweater, that also includes a brief video.

The way to turn on the signals are the buttons which are mounted on the inside of the wrists. You have to hit the button to turn them on as well as off and she suggests turning them both on for any night riding you might do.

[via hippyshopper]

The Skateboard Speaker Shelf for your iPod

This cute little iPod shelf would be great for high school and college students alike, especially ones that need to utilize wall space. Instead of using up precious desk space, snag one of these that will not only hold up your books but play your tunes as well.


Mitsubishi, NVIDIA & Aspen to produce 3D home cinema package

There’ve been a few 3D TVs and displays in the press recently, some requiring special glasses and some not, and today Mitsubishi, NVIDIA and Aspen Media Products have announced their collaboration on a home theatre system offering straightforward access to both 3D hardware and content.  Based on the Aspen Media Server, basically an HTPC with huge storage capacity and 1080p high-def graphics, the new range will use NVIDIA’s GeForce FX Go graphics (and specifically their 3D stereoscopic capabilities) together with Mitsubishi’s 3D-ready Home Theater HDTVs.