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Microsoft labels dirty cheaters as such on XBL

No one likes a cheater. Unfortunately in the world of online game, cheaters seem to run rampant. For some reason these people get their jollies by pwning n00bs without even touching their controllers. These 1337 cheats also love to dishonestly earn the highest Gamerscores possible, and Microsoft is finally cracking down on them.


Joan Jett, Cheap Trick and more to be featured in Guitar Hero: Aerosmith

Are you itching for a new Guitar Hero game? Don’t worry, you’ve got two new ones coming soon enough. We’ve heard a lot about Guitar Hero: On Tour lately, but not much has been heard about Guitar Hero: Aerosmith. Thankfully we’ve got a few new tidbits for you today.

When the game was announced, we were told that despite the title, Aerosmith wouldn’t be the only band with playable tracks. Today we know of at least four songs that will be included on the disc. Hit the jump for the full list.


Xbox 360 power bricks are only covered by 90 day warranty

I love my Xbox 360, I’mno fanboy, as I love all of my consoles equally. Well, except for my old Sega CD, but I’ve made peace with that. Despite my love for the console, I do worry quite often about the dreaded RRoD. What I don’t worry about is my power brick dying on me. Apparently I should.


Users reporting Bully patch to be ineffective

So RockStar finally made good on their word and released a patch for Bully: Scholarship Edition on the Xbox 360. Unfortunately users don’t appear to be very satisfied.

We don’t have a lot of information at this time, but many people are reporting that the patch really didn’t make things much better. What’s worse is that some people are actually saying the patch made things worse.


Sony BMG working on Online Music Service with flat rate subscription

The basic idea behind this music service that BMG is working on is to offer up their entire musical catalog for a flat monthly fee. Furthermore they mentioned the idea of even allowing users to keep certain tracks indefinitely even after their subscription ended.


What is the best Blu-Ray player out there?

With the versions of Blu-Ray standards changing as often as they are, and with new features being added to various Blu-Ray discs its no surprise that even with the choice of HD-DVD being eliminated its still hard to decide which Blu-Ray player to buy. You might be surprised at the answer to this new question.


Google vying for ‘White Space’ to broaden wireless broadband coverage

Google has reportedly written a letter to the FCC asking for permission to use the space between channels 2 and 51 on TV sets, which aren’t used by cable services, to offer up wireless broadband services. Such a move would offer up more coverage and maybe even faster and/or more reliable transfer speeds.


Another innocent RIAA victim is taking his case for legal fees to the Supreme Court

The RIAA is easily the most anti-American organization still in existence right where they are constantly nailing innocent people and the courts generally find in their favor when it comes to awarding legal fees to victorious defendants. Well, that time may be coming to a quick and concise end.

How many lawsuits do you think the RIAA would be filing if they knew they not only had to pay their own legal fees, but the legal fees of the accused if the accused was found not guilty, or more likely, if the RIAA dismissed the case. The RIAA has gotten quite tricky with its guerilla legal tactics often times just dismissing the case when no clear positive end is in sight for them.


Sirius and XM merger has made it through the Justice Department

The merger of the only two satellite radio companies has been approved by the Justice Department who determines whether or not it would negatively affect consumers or not. The only hurdle left is the FCC.


Samsung Anycall Haptic SPH-W4200 – looks pretty

This phone has a 3.2-inch screen that is a touchscreen. It also offers up Haptic feedback when you touch a button on the screen. It looks pretty similar to the Croix style handsets, but clearly has a totally different UI.


ASUS EAH3850 Trinity Tri-GPU graphics card – wow, just wow

Asus may have taken that whole CrossFireX multi-GPU thing a little too far. This concept card packs in three RV670 cores and offers up 4 DVI ports.


NVIDIA Quad SLI not as good as anticipated

I know that when the first iteration of Quad SLI came out, it was the hot thing. Every boutique PC manufacturer was clamoring for the ability to offer it, and the few that got it sold those things like hotcakes, these days however, things aren’t going so well on the Quad SLI front.


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