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Sony sets April release for DualShock 3, announces new PS3 bundle

PS3 owners have been waiting a long time for their chance to get a controller that actually rumbles. Legal disputes prevented Sony from releasing a new DualShock controller at launch. They tried to play it off like rumble was last-gen, but we all knew what was up. Anyway, we’ve finally got a good idea on the release of the DualShock 3 here in the US.


EA calls in Morgan Stanley to help secure buyout of Take-Two

EA is the largest game publisher out there, and as such, they don’t take no for an answer. Since their previous three bids to purchase Take-Two Interactive have failed, they’ve decided to call in a ringer to help seal the deal.


Sony announces Europe launch date and pricing for the PlayTV

Just yesterday I brought you word that content recorded via PlayTV on your PS3 won’t feature any DRM or encryption. This will make your PS3 one of the best DVRs on the market, and easily the best home entertainment device. Here we are a day later, and Sony has given us some solid release info, at least for Europe.


SquareTrade provides further details on Xbox 360 failure rate study

Remember not too long ago when we reported on an independent study that showed the Xbox 360 failure rate at around 16 percent? Well if you weren’t satisfied by that number alone, SquareTrade has released additional information regarding their study.

They came to the 16.4% by looking at a sample of 1040 warranties purchased between April 1 and July 31, 2007. Of those consoles, 171 had normal-use mechanical or electrical failures. What’s interesting is that since the consoles in question were purchased new only 6-10 months ago, they can only show short-term failures for now. They will continue to study the same group of consoles for 24 to 36 months, which will no doubt show a higher percentage of failure over time.


US government to spy on MMO gamers

My addiction to World of Warcraft has been suppressed for several months now. I can’t say how long I’ll be able to keep it up once Wrath of the Lich King hits later this year, but for now, I have one more reason to stay away. While I’m not a terrorist, I’m still thoroughly disturbed to hear that our own government is using the game to hunt down extremists.


Guild Wars hits 5 million subscribers

We know that World of Warcraft dominates the MMO realm. With over 10 million subscribers, who could argue? However, its success hasn’t prevented other titles like Guild Wars from making waves either.

If you’re not familiar with Guild wars, it became the first major MMO that did not require a monthly subscription fee. All you need to do is purchase the game, and you’re good to go. So how many people are into the no monthly fees? Apparently that number has just topped 5 million.


Sony announces new red PSP bundle

The Nintendo DS has come out in more colors and flavors than Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. Sure, that’s a bit of a stretch, but some days I’ve really started to wonder. Not to be outdone, Sony has been releasing their PSP in a variety of new colors of late. The newest one is in honor of God of War: Chains of Olympus.


The Maxlounge Bossa the modern day inflatable chair

Today I found myself discussing the classic beanbag chair. There was a time that I thought the coolest chair that could possibly be found was a beanbag chair, at one point I finally got a lime green one. It was the most uncomfortable and awkward thing to sit in, but I didn’t mind one bit. Now as an adult my neck hurts just looking at one, however, these Maxlounge chairs offer support and comfort in all the right ways as well as a bit of a techy twist.


Win a $20k Home Theater Giveaway Sweepstakes from GQ

GQ is giving away a $20k worth of Home Theater equipment sweepstakes to dress up your living room. Free entry with no subscription or purchase necessary. What the heck, get yourself a few GQ while you at it, have you looked in the mirror lately?


Toshiba launches faster compact size 1.8-inch HDD with SATA interface

Barely 2 months ago, Toshiba revealed 5 new slim line of ultra compact 1.8” HDD, and now they announce another series with SATA interface and update its rotating speed to 5400RPM. The new drives offer higher levels of vibration and shock resistance compare a typical 2.5-inch HDD with lower power consumption.


Gitzo Series 3 off center Ball Heads for finest photography support

Gitzo has been some of the best Europe photography equipment makers. Originated from French, now owned by Italian-made Manfrotto, but both are presently in the hands of a British international media Group. So how would you like to have Europe finest photography equipment with colorful history from a British, French and an Italian?


NHS-130C Rack Mounted home theaters system from Sony

You would think that if someone was going to put out the money for a system like this, it would be a bit more practical than this particular system is. However this thing is loaded with all HD and SD goodness that you could possibly want from top to bottom.


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