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SlashDeal: MyVu Personal Media Player for 5th Gen iPod – for all your isolation needs

In case your headphones and iPod screen weren’t making you feel isolated enough from the world around you, you can pick up a pair of these goggle type things that connect to your old 5th Gen iPod and make it look like you’re watching whatever it is you are watching on up to a 300” screen. I don’t know, however, why they received a worst Woot of the year nomination.


Paramount and DreamWorks finalized HD-DVD releases

Yes, the exciting Format War was over, but DreamWorks has awkward agreement trapped in HD-DVD contract. DreamWorks Chief Executive Jeffrey Katzenberg told Reuters couple days ago that DreamWorks will follow the previous agreement; continue to support HD-DVD till the contract expired. Not anymore, The Parent company, Paramount has announced the final list of HD-DVD releases, with no future plan for HD-DVD title after next week releases.


Minox eyepiece provides all-in-one digiscoping

Digiscoping is not new to bird-watcher in digital era. Newer optical scope has built-in digital camera with memory storage makes it easy for bird spectators to record their rare encounter. Conventional digiscoping require extra brackets and adapters to mount digital camera on an optical scope. The Minox DEC 5.0 is a digiscoping eyepiece, with built-in display and digital camera, packed conveniently with bayonet fitting made suitable high performance scope.


Supermandolini’s Floppy Disc coasters

Supermandolini has created coasters for geeks. You might be wondering why we geeks need special coasters and the answer is simple. It is merely, because we can, that’s why. These coasters are fashioned after the extremely outdated floppy disk.

I’ve seen other geeky coasters before, some made out of old recycled circuit boards, however, I do believe these are my new favorites. Yes, you could use real floppy disks and it would likely be cheaper, however, they might get a little wobbly after a while. Plus, these are cooler.


Rumor – Saturo Iwata pulled the plug on Goldeneye for XBLA

If asked about my favorite FPS of all time, I would probably go with Goldeneye for the Nintendo 64. No game since has been able to match its incredible gameplay since. There have been times that I’ve wondered if I don’t hold it to such a high standard because I played it so long ago. It’s during those times of doubt that I would simply dust off the old N64 and remind myself just why I loved it. Needless to say, I was very excited when it was confirmed for XBLA, and greatly disappointed when it was scrapped. At least now I’ve got someone to blame.


Two new PS3 bundles coming to Europe next month

It looks like gamers in Europe are going to have two new PS3 bundles to choose from in the near future. Unfortunately neither is the Metal Gear Solid 4 bundle that we’ll be seeing here in the US.


Wii FreeLoader lets you play imports without the need for a mod chip

In all my years of gaming, I’ve never actually imported any games from Japan (or anywhere else for that matter). The main reason for this is that I’m not fluent in any language other than English, which would mean all dialog would be completely lost on me. If you’re one that loves you some imported games, you might be interested in the new Wii FreeLoader.

This disc will allow you to play imported games, regardless of region on your Wii without the need to have a mod chip installed. Unfortunately these types of discs are constantly being thwarted by system updates which essentially render them useless.


Metal Gear Solid set to launch worldwide on June 12th

For those that are looking for a confirmed release date for Metal Gear Solid 4, you’ve got your wish. The previously rumored date of June 12th actually turned out to be right on the money.


Grand Theft Auto 4 to have around 100 hours of gameplay

It’s always disappointing to get a brand new game that kicks ass right up until the end of the game, which is only a few hours away. Sure, it’s great that the game kept you completely entertained the entire way through, but only getting 5 or 6 hours out of a game really sucks. Like with the other Grand Theft Auto titles, you aren’t going to have to worry about polishing off GTA 4 in just one all-night gaming session.


Rumor – White PS3s being shipped out to stores already

There have been rumors floating around for a while that we will be getting a white PS3 here in the US. Well, it’s been nearly a month since we’ve heard a good rumor about it, so we’re definitely overdue for some juicy info. The latest rumors come from Circuit City employees.

The employees have noted that they have begun receiving new shipments of PlayStation 3 consoles which bear the model number CECHH01, which just so happens to be the model of the white console. They are supposedly holding these in back until all of their 40GB bundles with Spider-Man 3 are gone.


Nintendo to have extra Wii Wheels available at Mario Kart launch

We know that Mario Kart Wii is coming soon, and you’ll of course get an official Nintendo Wii Wheel when you buy the game. However, will people have the same dilemma as when Rock Band came out? No, apparently Nintendo will be releasing stand-alone Wii Wheels on the launch day.


Sonicare you DSLR image sensor with DDPro

Long before a built-in dusk removal tool available on a D-SLR, the dread sensor blobs were the common issues among the ‘dirty’ shooter. There are number of sensor cleaning products available since then. Some of them use solution from wet, dry, vacuum, tape to blow, whatever it takes to get the job done.

I found this Japanese sensor cleaning product while J-surfing (nothing hentai, seriosuly), i thought you might find it interesting.


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