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Tactile Mp3 player with simple control

I wish I had an exact number of different kinds of Mp3 players there are. It would just be nice to have and throw around once in a while when you run across those people who’ve never heard of anything but an iPod.


SoakTV is a waterproof wireless TV

I’ve heard tale of those people who are so addicted to TV they have one in every room, including the bathroom, and I’m glad I’m not one of them. I’ve never had a show that was so important to me I couldn’t miss a second of it or wait until a rerun to catch what I missed. But for those of you who need to take it a step further and place your TV within the bathtub/shower itself there is the SoakTV.


Stylophone makes a comeback

I’m really glad I’m not of the 70’s generation, some of things that went on during then worry me a little, and those worries are based on outcomes, rather than actually things that happened. The Stylophone was an outcome of the 70’s and though it kind of died it is making a comeback and I’m not quite sure why.


Scala Rider Q2 for communication between hogs

I love motorcycles and given the chance I’d have or join a motorcycle gang. I’ve tried to talk my sister into getting a pair of motorcycles for awhile now but she’s not interested and always seems to make me feel weird about wanting one. If I were to be part of a motorcycle gang/group/bunch/gaggle, I’d want the Scala Rider Q2 for communicating with my friends/buddies/gang mates.


Mini Pocket DV with Sporty Cam for all your sport filming needs

I don’t care for sports other than soccer and hockey and that’s only because the fights associated with those two sports are a lot cooler than any other, including boxing. However, there are those fanatics out there and I’m almost positive they would love the Mini Pocket DV with Sporty Cam an other products like it as it give you a first person point of view of the action going on.


Nikon Announced D60 Pricing

I’m not too excited about the Nikon D60 but some of you probably are and still waiting on the price announcement. So here it’s, Cnet says that they got price down, the D60 will be selling for $750 bundled with AF-S DX NIKKOR 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6G Vibration Reduction lens.

Sony to develop 24.81 Megapixel Full Frame CMOS Sensor

Sony announces the development of a full frame 24.81 Effective Mega pixel CMOS sensor today at Japan. The newly developed CMOS image sensor uses Sony’s Column-Parallel A/D Conversion to reduce image degradation, noise and increase dynamic range with a high speed conversion rate of 6.3 fps. This posts quite a challenge to Canon’s 21.1 MP Full frame sensor.


Sun Blackbox deliverable datacenter now for sale and shipping

Its technically been renamed to the Modular Datacenter S20 (probably because its not black) but its still the same 20ft. shipping container with a datacenter inside that was previously mentioned. With this you can literally have up to 18 teraflops of performance and a max of 3 petabytes of storage delivered to your front door.


Wireless USB upgrade for your old notebook now possible thanks to IOGear

Currently the most common way to add Wireless USB to anything is via a USB dongle, but how much sense does it make to take up a USB port for Wireless USB? Well, IOGear must have been thinking along the same lines as they now have a PCMCIA card that will net you Wireless USB access without taking up a USB port.


Sony bumps processor, offers up new skins on Vaio T series

Sony is bumping the processor speed for their T series Vaio’s from 1.06GHz to 1.2GHz. On top of that, from Sony Vaio Style Japan you’ll be able to get some new skins for your notebook.


Yamaha NX-B02 wireless speaker with Bluetooth

So not only is this speaker wireless offering up Bluetooth 2.0+EDR with A2DP to connect to your mobile phone or other Bluetooth capable audio device, but it can also be powered by batteries. B-batteries (What? Sorry for the Dmetri Martin joke) its actually powered by 4 AA batteries which supposedly only last for 4 hours.


nVidia nForce 790i chipset coming next quarter

With this new chipset you’ll see the C73 northbridge and the MCP55 southbridge chipset. As far as what that means, it means the motherboard will be able to support up to a 1600MHz front side bus.


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