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Incase sells laptop sleaves in a pretty pink

Sometimes even the most simple cases need a burst of color to make your day a little brighter. There’s something about a simple case shining in your favorite color that makes it okay that you’re toting around your laptop when you’d rather be relaxing someplace warmer.


Almost Real Halo Energy Sword

I happen to have my own energy sword from halo in the form of a blue squishy keychain. I do so love it as I’m sure (read: hope) many of your do too. I also happen to collect real swords so this “real” energy sword is pretty nifty to me and I want it.


Fujitsu LifeBook P8010

The new LifeBook is on its way (February) and some of its finer details have been confirmed. I know the MacBook Air is the light of everyone’s eye at the moment but I think the P8010 deserves a little recognition.


Lawnbott LB3200 New and Improved

You may recall the LB2000, a robot that will mow your lawn for you. Well, it’s been revamped and reintroduced as the LB3200 and has a new exciting feature.


Logitec Bluetooth Earphones Necklace

I feel I don’t say this often enough, I love Logitec gadgets. They never fail me and are usually reasonably priced. The LBT-HP210C2BK is a long name for Bluetooth earphones but they look relatively wearable without coming off like a complete nerd, which is always good.


Eye Implantable Camera being developed

There are not a lot of things that creep me out, but the short list of things that do are usually strange and improbable. The implantable bionic eye however, makes the list. I know it would be helpful but the thought just gives me the willies for some strange reason.


Flying Stick Cam Looks as silly as it sounds

I’m reminded of a flying fairy doll my little sister had as a child every time I look at the Flying Stick Cam. The idea behind is moderately cool but the design falls completely flat, in my opinion.


AT&T Offers Free Wi-Fi Access

Yes, it’s free but only at AT&T’s WIFI Hotspots and provided that you are also a subscriber to AT&T’s broadband service with 1.5-Mbps plan or higher.

AT&T has more than 10,000 public Wi-Fi hotspots in places like Airports, Bookstores, McDonald, Convention and Hotels. The free access is currently being offered for premium subscribers only, leaves majority of poorer folks like us in the dark. AT&T says the new offer will allow more than 10 million AT&T broadband customers to enjoy free access starting early next week.

Are you one of them? Lucky you, I can’t recall when was the last time my cable carrier throws in a free meal like this. They also reveal a faster 10 Mbps broadband plan U-verse customer at additional cost of $55 a month.

[via AT&T | phonemag]

Sharp Reveals World’s Thinnest LCD Flat Panel TV with AQOUS X Series

News from Far East, the newest AQOUS X series claimed thinnest LCD television ever made, measured just 1.35 inches (34mm). It’s 0.15-inch thinner than Hitachi Ultra Thin line of displays. The X trio comes with 3 sizes of 37, 42 and 46 inch models. All three models share similar features like 120Hz double rate conversion, 15,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, Full 1080P with brightness of 450 cd/m2. Don’t get too excited yet, production wouldn’t start until April.

[via sharp]

Pentax Unveils Five DA Lenses

Competing in the cutthroat Digital SLR market if you don’t have lens selection with the size of Amazon’s tropical forest like Nikon or Canon. Having the state of art body isn’t going to sell unless you have full line-up of lens from amateur to professional market. Pentax brought us their newly K20D body yesterday together with 5 new smc PENTAX-DA Lens ranges from a prime Tele to wide angle, I say that’s quite an announcement from them!


Asus Eee PC finally getting Windows XP

I am sure the Linux distro on the current Eee is nice, but I am a really big fan of XP, not so much in its pre-SP1 state, but its running a lot better these days and I like it. Well, now Asus is shipping XP equipped Eee’s in Japan and the US is supposed to be getting a similar option sometime next month.


HP has first thin-client in notebook form

That’s right; you can now get a thin-client in a mobile form. It doesn’t have a hard drive per se, but rather a 1GB flash drive that can hold the Windows XPe OS and maybe a few other apps, likely just the ones necessary to access the remote apps.