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DVD Coach – Portable DVD Duplicator

Not that I would ever ignore copyright law and copy DVD’s, but if I did/could I would definitely would definitely be interested in the DVD Coach. For legit reasons, it would really nice to quickly duplicate some family videos/DVD I’ve got laying about.


Electronic Musician’s Emergency Adapter Kit

During the summer time my dad DJ’s for different events and I can tell you it’s nerve wrecking when you can’t find the cables/adapters you need. The Electronic Musician’s Emergency Adapter Kit is a god-send in those instances. It comes with just about anything you’d need.


Cube Speakers are barely bigger than your fingertip

We all know speakers come in all shapes and sizes. Miniscule speakers aren’t a new thing but these tiny cube speakers are just too darn cute!


Lobster Vision gives you x-ray vision

Who hasn’t ever wished they had x-ray vision. Whether for nefarious reasons or just plain curiosity, I’m sure we’ve all yearned for it at one time or another.

Physical Optics Corp., which is based in Torrance California, has come up with a product they call LEXID (Lobster-eye X-ray inspection Device) and it can see through wood, concrete and steel. It does so by reading the reflection, instead of refraction, of x-rays that are beamed at certain objects/walls. This is how lobsters see in murky waters, thus the name.

I think this is amazing. It’ll be a great help for people in law enforcement or, especially, soldiers. I can’t help but think how many lives this could possibly save. For my own selfish, and possibly nefarious reasons, I’d love to get my hands one but it looks like it’ll only be for those government type people.

New ‘Lobster Visions’ Cam Sees Through Walls [via The Raw Feed]

Panasonic to reclaim World Largest Flat TV Title, 150 inches Plasma

Panasonic, one of the largest plasma manufacturer, will present the world largest consumer plasma flat TV once again at CES show 2008, with 47 inches bigger in diagonal compare to last model. The prototype was developed by Matsushita Electric Industrial Co. It has a size dimension of 138 x 79 inches and is big enough to display a full scale adult! Keep your eyes open at CES, it will be there look to reclaim world largest flat panel set by Sharp’s 108” LCD TV. The race is on.

Panasonic to Unveil 150-Inch Plasma HDTV [via tvpredictions]

China’s Unveils Homegrown 300kmh Bullet Train

China is to claim the world 2nd fastest commercial bullet train at 300kmh, 20kmh shy of France’s Train Grande Vitesse. Current fastest domestic trains run at services speed of up to 250kmh, a newer and 50kmh faster model, rolled off the production line this weekend and has a schedule to put on service between Beijing – Tainjin route just in time before the Beijing Olympics in August 2008. Xinhua news agency reported that the China self-designed and developed 8-carrieges train can seat about 600 passengers, weighted in 7 tons of aluminum alloy and will reduce travel time between the two cities from 80 minutes to around 30 minutes.


HI-Def Player to fall below $150 in Early Nexy Year

Have you got yet? You know, the downgrading Hi-Def player that usability and stability 10 times worst than you $39.99 DVD player? If you are looking for one, according to a report from Understanding & Solutions, the price will fall under $150 shortly, may be in the early year of 2008. Due to higher grow in demand and lower manufacturer cost, the price will fall sooner than expected. The current street price for Blu-Ray unit is around $300 and the rivals are $100 cheaper. Neither one worth more than your el-cheapo Chine made DVD player if you aren’t looking for higher resolution Picture and Sound Quality. For the trouble that consumer went though just to watch a simple movie, they should have paid us instead to use their immature protocol.

Study: High-Def DVD Prices to Fall Fast [via tvpredictions]

A Handy Digital Audio Convertor from Tributaries Cable

The term analog audio cable is slowly fading away in the dominant world of digital domain. Lower signal degradation and convenience of multichannel and HBR audio signal in one cable solution is why digital audio cable favorably over the other. Ironically, analog audio is still being used with the lack of high-resolution audio formats in Hi-Def or SACD player. Back to the topic, I find that Japanese a/v components tends to prefer Optical solution as the sole digital audio choice where US and Canadian manufacturer picks coax or optical. You may find yourself in a situation that your a/v prepro or receiver doesn’t have enough optical input or lacking the right digital audio connector for the source. Tributaties Cable has the solution for you. For a mere $50, the AC100 digital audio cross-converts digital audio signals between “Toslink” optical and coax-electrical SPDIF format. It comes with a 5V AC power and has a toggle switch to select the conversion direction. The convector can also be used as a repeater if one needs to extend the length of the cable.

TRIBUTARIES® Intros Digital-Audio Format-Fixer [ecoustics]

Luxury ultra portable Notebook from Asus

Asus announced a leading edge 11.1” ultra compact notebook with latest Intel Core Duo Processor ULV U7500. The U2 has 1366×768 widescreen resolution that uses a special LED backlight panel which is half the width of and 1/3 lighter than the traditional LCD panel, it offers better luminance and faster response time with less power consumption. The durability of data storage is physically backed by an optional 32G SSD memory module and data security is reassured with the presence of a built-in fingerprint scanner.


Happy Holidays Everyone!

Alright, so, as best I know it, everyone wrote their last articles (until the 26th) on Sunday night, although there might be some additions over the next couple of days, that’s because we are all taking the next two days off. For some its just a break, for others it’s a religious holiday, regardless why some of us are taking the time off, we just wanted to wish the lot of you a very happy holiday season, and if you don’t believe in anything or in any of these holidays, happy December 24th and December 25th!


Shenzhen Suno Technology MA-216 PMP

This PMP from Shenzhen Suno Technology looks pretty good compared to most of the rather boxy media players we see these days. It will play AVI, WMV, MP3, and WMA (with lyric display) as well as display various picture formats.


New Apple Patent could take control of your volume knob on your iPod

According to a new patent filed by Apple, the company is considering applying some software to your iPod that will gradually turn down the volume at which you listen to your iPod for you. Sure it’s for your safety, but when you pay for a product, you don’t want the company’s software coming in and saying you’ve had it on max volume for too long.

I rarely have reason to crank my iPod Touch above about 50% volume provided I am using one of my good sets of headphones, heck, provided I am using headphones at all. I have a few devices that I connect my iPod to via the headphone jack that give me better audio if I crank up the volume on the iPod to 100%, that doesn’t mean I am listening to my iPod at 100% of the volume, what about then?

Sure, you can go deaf from listening to your iPod too loud for too long, and Apple has implemented optional measures for those too dumb to turn it down before they go deaf, but implementing mandatory measures such as these just to keep from getting sued is dumb. Especially if Apple is going to continue supplying crappy ear buds with their players that require you to crank up the volume to get any semblance of sound quality.