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Art Lebedev Optimus Tactus keyboard concept

Art Lebedev, known mostly for their oft delayed OLED keyboard, has another keyboard concept, and this one is even more genius, and might even be cheaper to produce. Sure, the OLED keys on their Optimus keyboard are cool, but imagine a keyboard you could hang on the wall because its displaying art when not in use.


Marantz Unveils a 6-in-2-out 1.3 HDMI Switcher

The complexity of Digital Content Protection and Hi def audio found in most high definition content only allows full scale of 1080p video, HBR or uncompressed audio via HDMI output in certain devices. That usually results in having inadequate I/O interface to anticipate high bandwidth media if you have more than a handful of a/v gears such as Blu-Ray player, HD-DVD player, HD DVR, SACD, etc. Marantz has a neat 6-in-2 output hdmi switcher that’s 1.3 version certified to ensure its compatibility meet the most demanding Hi-Def media in the market.


New Image Moments from Digital Foci

Digital Foci expands 3 new models on Image-Moment, their line of digital photo frame, and has a schedule to display on CES 2008 coming next month. The new addition are 15-inch model with resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels, 8-inch model with resolution of 800 x 600 pixels, and smallest model with a 5.7-inch screen and resolution of 640 x 480 pixels. All 3 models will come with a built-in 200MB of internal memory, USB 2.0 interafce and a memory card reader.


Dell Inspiron 1525 coming to Australia

Here in the US we merely have rumblings of such a new system being brought to us, with no official announcement, and Dell is based here. But in Australia they actually have the new Dell notebook up for pre-order, what gives?


TSA limiting size of Lithium metal and Lithium-Ion batteries allowed through security

So according to the table below if you have x amount of Lithium or Lithium Ion in your gadget’s batteries you can’t take them with you. But that’s not even the best part, the best part is that this isn’t a security concern…. Wait for it, until January 1st 2008!


Hacao Classmate PC lands in Vietnam

With a 7” screen, its own version of Linux, 1GB of flash storage, a 900MHz processor and 256MB of RAM it has landed in Vietnam for the low, low price of $250, if you are a student. The screen has an 800×480 resolution and the system has a 400MHz bus, I also left out the 802.11b/g WiFi that is stuffed in there somewhere.


SlashGear Reloaded: Our new design for 2008

Regular SlashGear readers may have noticed the big change to the website design; it’s our new look for 2008, and we just couldn’t wait for January to launch it! You’ll be able to access all of our feature articles, video content and reviews more easily, as well as see which upcoming events we’ll be having special coverage of. For January 2008 that means CES in Las Vegas and our ever-popular MacWorld livecast on the 15th.

Credit for the redesign goes to Katrin Wegmann and our omnipresent web-wunderkind Ewdison Then. As ever, our aim is to bring you the latest and greatest in consumer technology, so if you’ve any suggestions or comments, SlashGear wants to hear them! You can get in touch with us via the tips page, or join the SlashGear forums and take part in the great tech debate.

The Water Powered Calculator seems slightly pointless

If you tend to do your math in the basement or someplace where no sunlight could possibly shine into you might need an alternate form of energy. Now no one likes those pesky battery powered calculators, so here is a water powered one.


Sudokube – Sudoku + Rubik’s Cube

I love Sudoku, I own about four electronic versions and keep several play books around for amusement. I’m surprised I like it so much since I hate math and numbers with a passion. For any other Sudoku lovers out there who are looking for a new twist on the game, the Sudokube maybe just the thing.


DIY Mouse, dubbed Soap, works in midair

I really like the idea of this wireless mouse which also works midair. It’s a do-it-yourself gadget, which means I won’t get it since I’m not any good with that stuff.


Panasonic announces thinnest internal Blu-Ray drive

Even though the competition between Blu-Ray and HDD is still going strong, everyone has to remember one of the biggest factors in most people’s mind is actually size. The smaller/thinner a product is the more likely people are going to go nuts over it. Panasonic kept that in mind.


Custom Bat Cave inspired home theater

Even non-techie types have a tendency to dream about their version of the ultimate home theater. However, I’m sure non-techies and techies alike could not have possibly thought of this theater even in their wildest dreams. This spooky bat cave style theater is in surprisingly found in someone’s basement.


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