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Sony Multi-TouchScreen can do up to 5 Contacts

Iphone sets the tone for multi touch sensation; even Sony wants to play with multi-touch technology. The Japanese Giant has developed one of their own with optical sensing technology that allows up to 5 points of contact on the polysilicon film display. The protocol is said to have VGA resolution of 640×480 and will make its way to mobile devices, media players, consoles and other portable devices. If we aren’t too lazy and spoiled with remote control, a bare multi-touch big screen TV is not a dream. But I think they have to make flying couch first.

Sony demos thin, all-in-one multi-touch LCD [via macnn]

New Bill to Raise Energy Efficiency and Encourage Saving Measure

The new energy bill, Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007, signed by President Bush has meaningful purpose not only to increase efficient in automobile industrial but also the daily used household electronic product.


LG KH1800 also known as the Orange phone

And surprisingly not due to it being on the French network. It’s called that because of the extreme amount of bright orange used on this slider phone.

Its 13.3mm and a slider, I want a slider that thin to hit stateside, I love sliders, but they are always so thick, I guess this one is the exception. It has MP3 playback, a dictionary, camera, and 3G thanks to WCDMA.

Sadly though it will never see the light of day stateside, its headed only to Korea’s KTF network and will cost you the equivalent of about $372 USD. Oh, in case you were wondering, there is no T-DMB in this phone.

LG KH1800 or the Orange phone [via newlaunches]

Sony GPSCS1KA tracks your position for geo-tagging your photos

This little keychain looking stick has some GPS hardware and a little bit of memory for tracking and storing your GPS coordinates as well as a date and time stamp. Then, with the use of the included software, it matches up the date and time stamp from your photos to give you the geographical coordinates of where you were when you took the photo.


Sony quitting the rear projection business

It saddens me to say that Sony has actually ceased production of all rear-projection TVs. I mean it was inevitable that they were going to move on, but they were one of the best manufacturers of rear-projection displays.


Another 30th Million Milestone from Canon

Last year around the same time Canon celebrated the cumulative production milestone of 30 million for interchangeable EF lenses. Today, the digital line of EOS series camera reaches the 10th million unit threshold and 30 million production growth with the combine of the company’s EOS-series film and digital single-lens reflex (SLR) camera together.


A Ridiculous Repair Cost from Sony to Fix an Old Projector

The Sony VPL-HS51 was a technology breakthrough. It was the first projector equipped with dynamic iris and reached an optimum contrast ratio of 6000:1 with price under $3000. That was 3 years ago. But it’s a suspected faulty designed electronic device that required over $2000 to repair after 3 years of use. There been number of reports from the owners (me included) with a blue smear issue.


New Samsung R700 17″ notebook

So Samsung has a new notebook to add to their repertoire with a 17-inch screen at a native resolution of 1440×900. The best part is what drives that display, an nVidia GeForce 8400 GS or GT.


Solar powered Christmas lights alleviate wiring issues

I’m sure one or more of you have covered a tree or some other fixture in your yard with Christmas lights only to realize that you now have to run an ugly extension cord all the way out to them. Well, with these lights you won’t have that problem as they are solar powered.


Limited Edition Ferrari Motorola Z8 dropped

Ferrari, a company less and less known for the consumer grade vehicles they make, and more and more for their prowess on a race track is releasing more and more products with their name and badging on them. Check out this Moto Z8 banana slider phone featuring their name, logos, and color scheme.


FCC filing outs the Samsung “Croix” come stateside

Apparently that rumor from not too long ago that Verizon and Vodafone had worked out a deal to bring the Croix stateside came to fruition. Technically its called the Samsung u940 but really its just a Croix converted to CDMA for use on Verizon’s network.


iPod Touch to iPod Video hack makes your old iPod look new again

So basically this is a simple interface hack that allows your 5 or 5.5G iPod to look a lot more like an iPod Touch saving you $400. Sadly it won’t hack the screen into being a touch screen, but it’s better than the boring UI you’d normally be stuck with.