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$25 Million Dollar Watch from Chopard

I don’t wear watches. My cell phone works perfectly well as a clock. If I were going to buy a watch though, I doubt I’d spend more than $20 let only $25 million.


Cervellum Bike Digital Rearview Mirror

Cervellum Bike Digital Rearview Mirror

There aren’t many things a bike needs. Handle bars and wheels of course, maybe some beads or cards for the spokes if you want to bring back your childhood, possibly even a water bottle holder for those long rids. I camera/rearview mirror to show you what’s behind you, though, I don’t think is necessary.

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Michelle Kaufman Designs Contemporary Surfaces – Another Way to Go Green

I’m sure many New Year’s Resolutions this year will involve trying to make homes/lifestyles more ‘green’. I’ve seen gadgets galore to help any individual accomplish this, but the Concreteworkds/MKD surfaces are the first I’ve seen of its kind.


Helio Mysto has finally arrived

Vincent got his Mysto by way of FedEx this morning, it looks great. He hasn’t yet taken the time to review it, so this is just pictures of a more or less dead phone, there is one with the phone on, but that’s it.


Pioneer Flagship Blu-Ray Player BDP-LX80 gets Firmware Update

The pricey line of Pioneer Elite Blu-Ray player, BDP-LX80, reported as US equivalent BDP-95FD, gets an update to version 3.2 at Japan. It improves subtitles usability as well as BD-Java menu. Current 95FD version at Pioneer US’s site is 3.15. It’s a 1.0 profile player so one could only hope continued support on the troublesome Java menu. Frankly, I think all this java interactive menu is piece of costly garbage. I just want to watch the movie with best audio and video quality available, finish it and probably never watched it again. I don’t fancy picture in picture nonsense much like the multiple angle crap they have in legacy DVD and who is using it anyway?

Pioneer, BD player “BDP-LX80” Update – Interactive features such as improved stability [via impress]

Warner Bros’s Replacement Programs with Blu-Ray Media

Whether they’re going for exclusive endorsement or stand neutral as it, maybe they need to get a clue first to how to put together a simple bundled set and provide an error free media. They’ve been clumsy. First the mix-up with hd-dvd version in Harry Potter box Blu-Ray Box sets, and then duplicated disc found on Blade Runner box set a week later. If that’s not enough, a bug was found in the recently released Terminator 3. Apparently, the native content of 1080p will display at 1080i if In Movie Experience is not activated.


Get your Pink Earbud for a Good Cause.

My mother was diagnosed with breast cancer back when I was still in college. It was a difficult times for our family especially me as I was away in boarding school. She had mastectomy followed by chemotherapy, but she survived thanks to the effective medical treatment and continue research dollars support on innovative cancer treatment. If you ran out of Christmas gift ideas, get the Sennheiser earbuds for a good cause. Sennheiser announced the release of pink-colored version of CX 300 ear-canal headphones to support Susan G. Komen’s cancer research. The limited version headphone costs $89.99 and they will donate 10% of the sale directly to the breast cancer charity group. I know, pink doesn’t looks too manly for a guy. We’ve seen what happened to Tony Romo with Number “9” pink jersey televised on national TV. Get it for your mom, aunt or GF, they will love it!

Sennheiser CX 300 Pink to help Susan G. Komen for the Cure [via krunker]

Blu-ray Disc Association Official Site Got Hacked

Folks, the Hi-Def war is barely getting started. The official website of the Blu-ray Disc Association was breached in more than once today. The intruder/s didn’t put any naked goodies there but have the web content redirected to the main competitor side… “HD DVD, the look and sound of perfect”. If that was the ‘red’ effort to get more even on discouraging sale figures, they were probably going the wrong way.

Samsung F700 aka the Vodafone Croix Reviewed

Vincent Nguyen got his grubby little hands on another phone the rest of us will just have to dream about, Samsung F700 or the Vodafone Croix. We’ve written about this phone several times before eventually getting some hands on time at CeBIT a few months ago, but Vincent actually got one in for review.


Philips Streamium Wireless Music makes taking your music with you around the house a breeze

So you fill your house with these Streamium units, and each one can connect an iPod, USB flash drive, play CD’s, FM radio, or connect to your computer and stream music. Oh, and each one has an 80GB hard drive that you can rip CD’s to and stuff like that.


Rumor: Apple buying into Intel’s latest UMPC platform hardware

Apparently Apple is getting into bed with Intel again this time hoping to make some noticeably smaller computing offspring. In fact the rumor is that Apple is going to be making use of the Silverthorne mobile processor and the other parts of the platform surrounding it. (more…)

Asus Eee officially a success says Asus

So Asus only expected to sell at most 300,000 of these things, they’ve already sold over 350k of the little buggers. If they could have made them as fast as people were buying them, they probably could have sold a few tens of thousands more.