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Compiano – Geek Meets Chic

There is some part of everyone that knows if you ever make it big, no matter how you do so, you are going to buy a piano. Nothing says “I’m filthy stinking rich” like pianos do and so we will get one, even if we have no musical talent whatsoever. With this new case mod though, you can have a piano you will actually use.

This 1904 Chickering Upright Grand Piano is actually cleverly disguising a 26’ wide screen Philips LCD HDTV/computer monitor, stereo speakers, a wireless Microsoft keyboard with intergrated mouse and a CD/DVD Burner and a remote control. It has a 6.8 GHz processor, 1 GB RAM and a 500 GB hard drive. It comes with Windows XP Media center Edition so you’ll be Vista free.


Motorola RIZR Z6c nets FCC approval

The next addition to the RAZR-like devices is well on its way gaining the approval of the FCC. The Moto RIZR Z6c is headed to the VZW or Verizon Wireless.

This is another one of those devices getting the “World Edition” badging due to its dual-band CDMA/EV-DO and Dual-Band GSM (900/1800MHZ) which means you can use it in most of Eurasia as well. Imagine the Motorola SLVR, but in slider form with the RAZR style keypad underneath, and that’s pretty much the RIZR in a nutshell.


Cyber Gadget’s Famiclone

The Famicom is the Japanese version of the old-school Nintendo Entertainment System. So imagine my glee at hearing that I can now get a Famicom(NES) adapter for my DS’s GBA slot.

It even adds a TV-out port so you can hook up your CRT and it will be just like the good ole days. This adapter does however lessen the portability of the DS, but for the ability to play NES games on the go, I’d say it’s a worthy sacrifice.


Official Activision Guitar Hero 3 wireless controllers not coming until 2008

That’s pretty much it, those of you that have the PS3 or Wii versions of the game can go buy a whole other copy of the game to get a second controller. For now that’s it, and the Xbox 360 and PS2 owners are stuck without until next year.

So, there are tons of knockoff guitar controllers, there is one guitar for Guitar Hero 1, 2, and 3, and another for Rock Band, and depending on what system you have, there were some random special edition official guitars along the way. That’s pretty much it though.


IOTEK ezSECU ez850 HDD enclosure

That’s right, what you see in the picture is in fact a touchscreen asking for your secret PIN of 7 digits. Sure, you could use encryption, or a fingerprint scanner, or any number of other biometric options, but for this one you actually have to be conscious.

And its an enclosure, which means you get to pick which 2.5” SATA HDD gets put inside. The upsides to that small of a drive means the enclosure should be near pocketable in size and there is the possibility that it could be powered over USB, but maybe not as it comes with a power brick and cord.


Geneva Model M launched today

For those of you not in the know, Geneva is well known for making wood-enclosed audio systems for iPods. And they must be pretty amazing at it considering their Model XL costs $1275 and their Model L costs $699 and they are still in business.

Their biggest selling point is the wood enclosure, not because it looks cool, but for what it does for the sound coming out of the system. I honestly think the only music that doesn’t benefit from the sound improvements offered by wood enclosures might be Techno/Trance and stuff of that sort, which is good music, but due to the nature of it, it doesn’t sound better from the softening and smoothness that a wood enclosure offers.


Toshiba Dynabook satellite TXW/69DW

So not to long ago we learned of ATI’s new 3800 series graphics cards, and already Toshiba is dropping a notebook with the mobile versions of those chips in it. Its Japan only, but still, that’s a pretty quick turn around time.

It’s a 15.4” Dynabook with the HD 3800 chip in it, the Intel PM 965 Express chipset, and a Core 2 Duo T7500 processor. Not a bad show for what I believe is the first notebook to feature the ATI Radeon HD 3800 chipset, I wonder how much video RAM it comes with and whether its GDDR3 or GDDR4.


Cowon D2TV PMP

This thing comes in two variations, a white one, and a black one. What’s the difference? About 6GB, the white one comes with 2GB of storage and the black one comes with 8GB of storage.

As such, the black one can store 9 hours of 1Seg mobile TV, or up to 45 hours of audio in various formats. The battery should last about 7.5 hours, I assume that’s for music, so probably half that or less for video.


Watch with 1GB flash inside

It connects via USB, and compared to some of the other USB watches I have seen, this one actually has some class to it. It’s still kind of ugly with that large blank space at the bottom of the face, but it’s a step in the right direction.

I don’t know if the USB cable is built in, or if there is a mini USB female port in the side of the watch where a cable would connect the watch to your PC. Regardless, I like the idea of combining flash storage with other objects of use, just carrying a flash drive, its easy to lose, but put that flash drive on your wrist and make it both a fashion accessory and a functional time-telling device, and you are far less likely to forget or lose it.


Green ASUS Eee PC

Alright, so, the Eee PC is sold out everywhere, ASUS can’t make enough of them, and everyone wants one. So some people are forced to search foreign markets or pay outrageous prices on Ebay (the highest bid on one right now is $524.54).

But there is a green one for sale on Ebay Germany by way of a Taiwanese retailer. They can’t even make enough of the Plain White Eee’s (sorry, that’s my little joke) and yet somewhere they are making pastel green ones.


Meizu M8 MiniOne hitting stateside for CES

In case you’ve forgotten, the M8 is the device that works like an iPhone, now looks like an iPod Touch. It also has storage capacities from like 2GB all the way up to 16GB, and I think it even has 3G, the stats aren’t really set in stone yet so it’s hard to tell.

Personally, I’m cool with a device that’s just close to the iPhone, sure, it might piss some people off, but I’d be really cool with it if when it lands it does have 3G, preferably EV-DO, but that’s just me. Anyways, Meizu will apparently be showing off the device in January at CES and then plans to begin selling it stateside by February.


Xbox 360 gets gutted, returned for full refund

Alright, so we all know that certain retailers aren’t the brightest when it comes to returns, but this has to be an all-time low. This Xbox was returned completely gutted and a bit of light reading (a text book on medical assisting) shoved inside it.