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AluRunner high tech sled folds away for convenient transportation

Ever wish, when you were a kid, that you had a sled to go down the hill on that was designed more like a very high end sports car? Well, it might be a little late, and furthermore, it might be a bit more than a kid’s budget could afford, but its here.

This sled is mad from 6061 aluminum that’s buckle resistant (it’s the same stuff they make some pretty high end bike frames out of) and a transparent polycarbonate seat (that’s the same stuff used for crash helmets). Furthermore, there is a shock, ala a car, that sits underneath the seat, and its adjustable per the terrain and the weight of the rider.


Noon Solar’s stylish solar bags for both sexes

Solar bags are a great way to keep your gadgets charged without using any extra energy. However, they are rarely very stylish. Noon Solar has created this line of attractive eco-friendly bags.


The Nintendo Wii inspired cabinet

There is nothing quite like the geek furniture that is produced from games. Some of it is a bit more small and subtle and then others are completely impossible to blend in with the average home. This Wii cabinet may be a bit out there, but for die hard fans it’s perfect.


The Video Game Cuff Links

Sometimes even gamers need to look nice, you can’t wear those quirky tees all the time. If you’re stuck in an office all day, you need that one bit of rebellion to remind you of who you really are. These cuff links are a nice enough quality to blend into any environment.


Another try to modernize the Pinball Machine

This pinball machine is yet another attempt to modernize the pinball machine. Frankly, some things can’t possibly be any better than the classic. However, this updated version does have a few extra features that the old pinball machines don’t.


The Plate Flipper lets you speak your mind

Sometimes its the simple gadgets that have the biggest effect. I know its great to have those flashy ones to make you feel important. However, quirky gadgets such as this plate flipper can make the biggest impact.


Throwzini’s Knife Block – Torture/Circus Entertainment for your kitchen

When I want to welcome my dinner guests into a warm, inviting atmosphere I think of two things, torture and circuses. The Throwzini’s Knife Block combines both this ideas into one practical kitchen item.


Dr. Who Gadgets – Sonic Screwdriver and R/C K9

I’m a big Dr. Who fan, so when I saw these items you can imagine my excitement. The Dr. Who R/C K9 and Sonic Screwdriver are the perfect gift for the Dr. Who buff in your life.

The R/C K9 Robot Dog is a throwback to the original series which came out in the 70’s. He was in a more recent episode so anyone who follows only the new series will recognize him. He speaks 7 different phrases and can move forwards and backwards and do turns. He also as an expendable Nose Blaster along with a few other tricks and surprises. K9 can be yours for just $59.99.


USB Toys – Homer Simpson Lamp and Hub

I don’t know anyone who can claim to be just “a Simpsons fan”, when it comes that family you’re either a fanatic or clueless. These two Simpsons themed USB toys are just the things to perk up your desk with the Springfield charm.


The Only Gun Ok’d for Office Use – The Gun Shaped Computer Mouse

No matter what your occupation, at some point you’re going to find yourself under some stress. It’s during those times that one might wish for this Gun-Shaped Computer Mouse. The mouse, which is a perfect replica of a Sig P230, offers a fun (and scary!) solution to work related problems. The trigger acts as a left click, while the right click can be found conveniently under your middle finger as you grip the gun. It’ll work both for right handed and left handed people which is a plus.


The Digital Bank – keep track of your pennies

Who doesn’t love saving money, nobody that I know of. Who doesn’t like counting their money, again, same answer. When we count our money and see our hard earned savings it’s a great feeling, the closest we may ever come to Scrooge McDuck and pool of gold. With the Discovery Amazing Money Jar, kids can now experience that same feeling.


Rumor : iPhone SDK seeded to some developers

There is a rumor floating around the blogosphere that Apple has released the “alpha” iPhone SDK to some developers. Electronista claimed a reliable source has informed them that Apple has given some companies access to the rough version of the tools. The software development kit or SDK allows application developers to create native iPhone and iPod touch software. The source said current rough version of the SDK has clear limitations, although no details information on what limitations they are. Steve Jobs announced to the world in an open letter that an iPhone and iPod touch SDK would be release in February 2008.

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