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Watching Your TV Bed – Hollandia Platinum-Luxe Elite

Watching TV in bed just got a whole lot easier with the TV bed, that’s right, the TV is built in. Personally, I prefer my TV on the ceiling. Hollandia International, who are known for luxurious, restful, and expensive sleep systems, have made the next obvious step in bed design.

This system sports a 32 inch Sony Bravia HDTV right in the footboard, but that’s not all. You’ll get a Sony Bravia theater system which includes a five disk DVD/CD changer, five speaker surround sound and a subwoofer conveniently located under the bed. Oh, and there’s also and iPod docking station.


Samsung SGH-i620 aka Sangria hands-on

I had a chance to get some hands-on time with the Samsung Sangria here at Mobius. Make sure to click through for a walkthrough video (special thanks to the lovely Judie Lipsett from GearDiary).

The Sangria can be summed up as applicious, thanks to the ipod-like scroll wheel and the white chassis. I found the portliness form-factor refreshing. The slide out keyword is comfortable to use and the UI is also easy to use.


Mobius Introduction

We had a short get together last night where John Starkweather gave a warm welcome to Mobius sponsors, new and returning members.

(Talk about jetlag…)


Asus makes source for Eee PC available

In a move to bring its company back in line with the goals and requirements of the GPL, ASUS made the sourced code for the OS on the Eee PC available. They even went a step further and said they are working on and SDK to aid in the development of stuff for the Eee PC.

If they are running a Linux Kernel, I don’t know why they need an SDK, but then again I don’t fully understand programming either. So that’s your Eee news for today.


Sony drops new flash based Vaio notebook

This new notebook, well it looks amazing, and the spec sheet, even better. Get this, it weighs 2 pounds 10 ounces, that means the Happy Meal you just picked up at McDonalds for your kid probably weighs more.

Furthermore, it has the 32GB SSD drive, which keeps things cool, low power, and faster than a standard laptop HDD. It has a Centrino Duo processor to boot, and thanks in part to the SSD drive, a 5 hour battery life when in power save mode.


Man in Korea Killed by a cellphone?

What significance does this have to a gadget site? HE WAS KILLED BY HIS EXPLODING CELL PHONE!!! That’s what significance it has.

The phone you see above (it looks like a Samsung, but that hasn’t been verified yet) exploded in the 33-year old excavator driver’s shirt pocket. He was found dead next to his Excavator in a stone quarry by his friends.


VertiPod taking the Segway to the skies

So this VertiPod thing works like a Segway, the only difference being that a Segway doesn’t generally hover 5-15 feet in the air or use fuel. You can even get going a zippy 40 miles per hour in this little thing, I don’t know about you, but having your VertiPod “trip” over something mid air while going 40 seems like a painful possibility to me.

The steering is much the same as a Segway though, lean in whatever direction you want to go, and then its opposite to cease going that direction. The kits, which you have to put together yourself, come with your choice of petrol or ethanol engines.


Micron RealSSD drives unveiled in 32 and 64 gigabyte varieties

Micron, though not a notable name of its own, are the owners of Lexar and Crucial, one of which you surely have heard of. The entire line of RealSSD drives ranges from 1GB all the way up to 64GB, with the 32 and 64 gigabyte sizes being the latest additions.

The two new drives are also targeted at notebook and desktop use utilizing a SATA II connection and sipping a low, low 2 watts of power. The 32GB model comes in your choice of 1.8” or 2.5” sizes with the 64GB model coming in at standard 2.5-inches.


Rambus new Terabyte Bandwidth Initiative

Rambus, in case you didn’t know, are more or less the creators of all the major releases in PC memory (like “all your RAM are belong to BUS” style). They are working to up the number of bits passed per clock cycle to 32, which is up from the current 2 bits per clock cycle.

That alone would allow up to 16 gigabits per second to be transferred on a chip running at 500MHz, that’s around 16 times that of DDR2. now you throw a bunch of those chips together, up the clock speed to something more modern, and you are hitting that terabyte per second number they are aiming for.


Tivo Busting out of Set-Top Boxes and coming to your PC

Thanks to a new deal with Nero, TiVo is well on its way to hitting your PC. Sure, Windows Media Center has done a good job of dominating the DVR on a PC industry for oh so long, but it looks like they are getting some competition from a worthy competitor.

Soon you’ll have your choice of Open Source MythTV (and SageTV), Closed source Windows Media Center, and Closed source (but non-windows) Nero/TiVo TiVo service. I like choices, and the only thing that has kept me from getting a TiVo in the past has been the monthly fees, so, removing those by making me responsible for obtaining the proper hardware, well that’s fine, and I might use the TiVo app on my PC when it comes out.


Systemax releasing 4 new notebooks featuring Santa Rosa

The Medallion XV, Medallion XVII, Pursuit 4165, and Pursuit 4250 are all blessed with Santa Rosa. The two Medallion models are 15.4 (XV) and 17 (XVII) inch models respectively and range in base price from $879 to $1350.

Thankfully, with those two at least, you get your choice of XP or Vista. They also are packing a 1.3MP webcam, and the XVII features nVidia GeForce 512MB graphics, Bluetooth, Stereo speakers complete with a subwoofer, and a piano black finish.


Asus P5E-V HDMI and P5E-VM HDMI motherboards

Both are sporting HDMI, a new Intel graphics chipset, the 1333MHz FSB, DDR2 800MHz (up to 8GB) and so much more. They matched the new G35 chipset with the also new ICH9R chipset, which isn’t what was intended to be paired with the G35 chipset, instead it was supposed to use the ICH8-series chips.

The G35 chipset is what brings us the GMA X3500 integrated Intel graphics that support DX10, OpenGL 2.0, and Shader Model 4.0. The P5E-VM model is a mATX motherboard while the other one is a standard ATX motherboard. The full size ATX board also appears to have support for Crossfire if you are interested, the mATX board has one x16 PCIe slot, the other one is x1 or x4.


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