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Electricity usage monitor concept

This is an artistic representation of the meter can they put on your service outside your house. It appears to offer up a visual meter as well as displaying current voltage, current cost per hour, as well as the record lows and highs of both.

The visual meter is the leaf pattern on the front, the leaves light up the more power you are using, and the closer you get to the top the closer it gets to red I assume. It shows the bottom leaves (lowest power usage) as green, the middle as yellow, so, like I said, I assume the top is red, and there are other ambient lights on the device to display those colors as well.


pocketDevice Mphone Radio Number One Special Edition

That’s the distributors name, manufacturers name, and then the last 5 are the actual product name, in the title. What a mouthful, anyways, its an Italian device, and it’s a different look at a similar idea.

Basically they took and built a decent MP3 player, and then added the GSM phone functionality, instead of the general way of thought where they build a decent phone and then add an MP3 player function to it. Its very basic too, it weighs 60 grams, has an MP3 player, Phone, USB, Bluetooth FM Radio, Voice Recorder, and a 1GB microSD card that comes with it.


Tow Hitch TV mount makes TVs in the headrest look like chump change

Are you a rapper? Baller? Shot Caller? Well chances are you probably have some lavish vehicle with candy paint, rims taller than the rest of your vehicle, and TVs in the headrest. Well that’s nothing.

Its time to re-up and get the Tow Hitch TV and up to a 50-inch LCD to mount to it. Could you imagine pulling up behind someone at a stop light and amazingly finding yourself watching a fully HD copy of a great movie like 300 or Transformers?


3G iPhone confirmed for 2008

It seemed unlikely that Apple could go any other way, but AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson finally confirmed that 2008 will see the iPhone upgraded with 3G connectivity. The handset, which has been robustly criticised for making use of last-gen EDGE data rather than one of the newer, faster technologies, was limited to the slower network as the company felt battery life would suffer unduly from power-hungry 3G chips. Speaking at a meeting of the Churchill Club in California, Stephenson told reporters querying the updated phone that “you’ll have it next year.”


Google Mobile Maps update adds Virtual-GPS

Google have released an update to their Maps for Mobile application, which brings Assisted-GPS to handsets which lack hardware GPS receivers.  Called “My Location”, it triangulates a user’s position via proximity to cell towers, plotting estimated position on a map downloaded via the phone’s data connection.


Check out a video of the app in action, after the cut…


Post-it plus Pocket equals Pock-it

I didn’t think Post-it could go much further after the regular size, mini size, stick-it highlighters, etc… where could one possibly go from there? Looks like they found out.


Static Electricity Eliminator – Protect your electronics!

One of the things I can’t stand the most would be getting shocked due to static electricity. I fear the metal doorknob or desk that might give me that tiny little jolt. Maybe that shows just what a sissy I am but it’s true and I won’t deny it.

Now, though, thanks to the Static Electricity Eliminator I can be jolt free and so can you. It’s all very simple really, you just touch the rubber end to any grounded object and voila, a little flash will indicate you are static free and safe to roam the metal jungle. Of course, since you’re static free now, you don’t have to fear harming any of your electronic goodies, it’s a win/win.


Nintendo is a happy camper – Sold 653,000 Nintendo DS in a week

Sony is not the only one enjoying the sales increases on its PS3 gaming console. Nintendo of America reported that it has sold 653,000 of Nintendo DS and 350,000 units of WIIs in the first week of shopping season. Nintendo has been top seller for game console in 2007 as shortage of the Wii continues. Nintendo is expecting 17.5 millions Wii to be sold by March 2008.

653,000 Nintendo DS Systems Sold In One Week, Breaks Record [via gemaga]

Fold Away Scooters – Another step in making the world a greener place

MIT unveiled what it calls (quite reasonably) a fold away scooter. As the name suggests you can fold this scooter up. It reminds me a little of that commercial where the lady transformers her vehicle into a tiny box she drops in her purse… Well this shows you just how close we are to making that a reality.

The design is yet another step in making the world a “greener” place. MIT’s Smart Cities Group wanted to provide a clean, silent electronic scooter. Obviously this would be great for big cities but a problem lies in storage, that’s where the folding comes in. Like I said before, it folds up into something equivalent to rolling suitcase that can be toted and stored in a small area of your office or what-have-you.


Day 1 – What is Mobius?

Day 1 – What is Mobius?

According to John Starkweather, Mobius is about a never ending conversation. A group devoted to following and reporting on topics and news related to mobile devices and consumer electronics. Click play to listen to John’s explanation.

By the way, I got a glimpse of an updated version of Windows Mobile on current hardware - and no it’s not Windows Mobile 7. OEMs will receive the updated version of Windows Mobile in Q1 of 2008.

Hand Warmers – Two ways to warm your hands

I’m not sure what the deal was with hand warmers today but when I ran across two different ones I figured I’d better learn a little more about that. Honestly, I’m still not sure what the big deal is about…


Send in the Drones

When your manpower is lacking it’s only plausible to turn to your laboratory to build something or another to do the work you’re incapable of handling. It’s simple (Mad Scientist) logic. So it’s easy to understand why the Miami police have come to this same conclusion.

Starting next year, FAA willing, the Miami police force will be using drones to patrol areas during SWAT team and tactical operations. The MAV (Micro Air Vehicle) is made by Honeywell and soar over 10,000 feet. These unmanned units, which the military has been using for sometime, will be controlled via a remote used only by licensed pilots.


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