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The Caterpillar Bench

It’s always been my opinion that seats should be comfortable and while this particular one looks a bit on the non comfortable side it’s bound to be a conversation piece. Particularly since it looks like a giant metal bug.

The Caterpillar Bench is polished cast aluminum and sports six pairs of “caterpillar” legs. It’s sold mostly as a three seat bench but can be modified to suit all your buggy needs.


Happy Thanksgiving

Well folk’s it’s that time of year again, Thanksgiving is upon us. I am sure many of you have a lot to give thanks for, and even more so, I hope you all have a very happy Thanksgiving and enjoy the time you spend with those near and dear to you.

I, and the rest of the staff would like to start by thanking all of you, our readers, tipsters, friendly PR people, and all the companies we work with on a regular basis, and we all also wish you all a very happy Thanksgiving. All of us writers are taking the day off tomorrow, and we will reconvene and begin writing again first thing Monday, so, no news from us today.


PlayStation Store on PSP now, death to UMD! Shouts heard round the world

UMD really was one of the dumbest formats ever created, and especially for Sony. But it looks like you might not ever have to worry about it again now that you can just buy and download PSP games and demos.

The middleman hasn’t completely been removed though, you still have to download the content to your PC and then transfer it to your PSP, but its probably best that way, I mean how pissed would you be when you paid for the game on your PSP, went to download it, and realized you didn’t have enough storage and they took your money with no game in return? This way, it’s on your computer, and if you don’t have room on your MS Duo for it, you can make room.


T-Mobile Sidekick Slide Woes Consoled

So our friendly PR person has informed us that the issue with the new Slide power cycling at random times has been solved. Motorola has found the issue to be with the battery contacts.

Motorola is fixing this issue on all new Sidekick Slides and they have found, and are testing, a solution for devices that have already been made and sold. You should be able to find the Sidekick Slide on T-Mobile shelves again some time next week.


BlackJack II hits shelves on Black Friday

I’m super excited about the second coming of the BlackJack. I’m even more thrilled that even though it’s a huge improvement over the original BlackJack, Samsung and AT&T managed to keep the price relatively low – $149.99 with a two year-contract and mail-in rebate.

The BlackJack II will be available in AT&T retail stores nationwide, from national retailers, on and through AT&T’s business-to-business sales teams.


Optimus Maximus on show at Wired Store NYC

Things are racing along with the Optimus Maximus keyboard project, as the OLED-blessed ‘board that Wired once included in their vaporware top-ten now features – in fully operational form, of course – at the Wired Store in NYC.  Meanwhile, the Optimus blog has been full of the final preparations for launch, documenting everything from box design and the shape of the polystyrene tray, to details of the iconography evolution. 



T-Mobile outsmarts Vodafone

So, Vodafone sued T-Mobile in Germany and got an injunction put in place that said T-Mobile couldn’t have exclusivity on the iPhone in Germany. Not the smartest move forcing Apple to get creative when you yourself are vying for exclusivity of future Apple devices, but that’s not the point.

So, instead of T-Mobile facilitating Apple making a contract with Vodafone, T-Mobile pulls a French move and just starts selling an unlocked iPhone for an extremely high pricepoint of 999 Euro. BAM! No longer exclusive, and Vodafone still gets screwed, that’s how I like to see things happen.


nVidia leaks new 9000 series mobile graphics chips

I am sure it was purely by accident too. What had happened was, all this info about the two chips was found in the latest set of ForceWare drivers.

The two chips are the 9300M G and the 9500M GS. No word on whether they will actually be better than the 8000 series as the numbers suggest, or if its going to be more like what ATI did with their cards and inject some truly mediocre cards but with higher model numbers.


Pinnacle Showcenter 250HD

Well, its basically a media center extender, but without the media center stuff. This device streams media from your PC or Mac to wherever you but this box.

So basically it’s a set top box that you send movies, music, pictures, stuff of that nature to via your choice of Ethernet or WiFi. Although, if you are going to be making use of the fact that it can display HD content, I’d highly recommend going with the Ethernet option.


Samsung Spinpoint F1 1TB HDD

So, Samsung has this series of hardrives called the Spinpoint F1 series, with the HD103UJ topping it at 1TB. All three drives in the series have a data density of 350GB, operate at 7200RPMs, and utilize the SATA/300 interface.

its the one on the left.

Only the 750GB and 1TB drives have the full 32MB cache though. All of that calculates to make the 1TB drive have a total average access time of 14.2 milliseconds, which, in the terabyte hard drive market (there aren’t many) is slow, in fact, Seagate and Hitachi have models that perform at 12.7ms and 13.8ms respectively, so the only company the Samsung beats out is the WD Caviar GP with its 15/15.1ms access time.


Verizon Samsung partner up for new FlipShot a.k.a. the SCH-U900

So what is it? It’s a high end media phone with a rotating screen. That’s a good start for the explanation at least.

It has 3G and all the included features Verizon has to go with that. The screen rotates allowing you to take all sorts of photos and other shots, but the screen will also rotate a full 180 degrees allowing you to close the phone and still view whatever’s on the screen.


OLED based watch looks amazing

I don’t know what it is about the way OLEDs look, but I have always liked it, its kind of a retro look I guess, anyways, this watch works solely with and OLED display. When its not telling time, it displays a field of stars, a starry night sky if you will.

But if you shake it or tap it on the screen, it comes alive and shapes into a proper time discerning device. Its just an analog clock, it’d be cooler if it was digital, or if you had a choice, but its still a cool looking watch.