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E-mood Furnitrue Range – Fashion for your Facility

If there is one room in the house where functional and practical take reign over style and class, it’s the bathroom. The bathroom, often small and cramped, needs space and outlets above all other things, aside from a toilet, sink and tub/shower that is. Duravit kept that in mind with its e-mood design and brought along a little style and class with it.

The e-mood furniture range is just about everything you could ask for in a bathroom accessory. It comes with all the lighting requirements, via touch LEDs, one may need in the bathroom and with its programmable mood lighting it also comes with all the lighting one may want in the bathroom. This includes a nightlight feature which turns on when it gets dark. You’ll also find a discretely placed tissue and soap dispenser, a cosmetic shelf and of course a hidden power outlet! You’ll also get the e-light element, e-wall fitted storage cabinet and a large illuminated glass e-screen.


Lucentoptics 120mW EnVee

Lucentoptics 120mW EnVee

Sleek, Elegant, and Awe Inspiring are all words that will without a question, pop into your mind after using a laser as badass as the Lucentoptics EnVee. A powerful 120mW output gives you the power to burn practically anything in sight, and be seen from up to 60Miles. Not to mention, the EnVee comes in a rugged Otterbox Cigar Daddy 2 which fits the entire laser and has room for extra batteries and the keys.

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First Blood: seeing what the Android SDK can do more or less out of the box

Well, it appears that SkyPop has an Android reference device, basically a phone they can install the OS onto and use to test out their apps. And they have been putting it to good use.

Seemingly on the same day the SDK came out, due to its ease of use, the engineer for SkyPop threw together a Sudoku app, a buddy location finder app, and a team geo-caching app. Pretty amazing for the first couple of days, no?


Neonode N2 reaching vaporware hall of fame

Well, its not hard to find info or pics on the Neonode N2, but what is hard, is actually finding it on shelves. Press event after press event we see the Neonode N2, we hear all about its specs, but I have yet to even see a price let alone a ship date.

I take that back, there is a price, its 439 Euro, or about $600, for the SIM-free model, but that was a few months ago, and back then we actually thought we might see it hit retail sometime soon. The iPhone has surely by now stolen the market for those that would have bought such a device.


Patent leak: is this Nokia’s next iteration of their internet tablet?

Judging from the pictures, without being given any size numbers, it looks like it could be their next internet tablet. The patent is dated November 8th, this year, and there aren’t any details as to whether it’s a Symbian OS or Maemo based device.

It does appear to have a camera and a touch screen from the patent application, those two things alone will probably net it a spot in the N-Series of Nokia devices. Although, it looks like, if it were small enough, that Nokia might be making the next Sidekick?


ASUS Eee PC most wanted gift this holiday season

According to C-Net and the sales from Amazon, the ASUS Eee is the must have gadget of the year. Not the iPod Touch, not the iPhone, the Asus Eee.

In fact, its pretty much sold out everywhere you go. Even school corporations are buying them for use in the classroom, which they are perfect for, they don’t have hardware that’s powerful enough to allow the teachers or the students to FUBAR things, but they have just enough hardware for it to act a lot like a portable thin client if you wanted.


COWON Q5 coming to US

The COWON Q5 is finally arriving stateside and has been priced. Its even being called the Super PMP.

You get your choice of 40 or 60 gigabyte capacities both with a 5-inch WVGA screen, 64MB of flash memory, 128MB of DDR2 SDRAM, 802.11b/g, Bluetooth 2.0+EDR, and Windows CE 5.0. There is also a voice recorder, photo/text viewer, and support for a ton of different audio, video, and picture formats.


Check out this Wii (not-a) lightsaber

Technically, it can’t be a lightsaber, because that requires licensing from Lucas Arts and blah blah blah buearocratic BS. Anyways, it’s a “Light Sword” that your Wii remote clips into.

There aren’t yet any proper Star Wars games for which to use this sword with, but there is Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga. Or you could use it with any other games that have some swording action, like the mythical Fencing 2k8 from EA sports, yeah right.


OQO dropping something new out of the blue

OQO, the makers of the original UMPC’s the OQO 01, 01+, and new 02 models (the O2 is called the E2 in Europe due to the O2 network provider). Yeah, those guys, they’re dropping something new.

It is apparently regarding a “significant Anytime/Anywhere Computing” release. Gizmodo has been further informed that it’s not just a model 02 update, but something entirely new.


They See Me Rollin’, They Hatin’, Patrollin’ Tryin’ to catch me Codin’ Dirty

Are you geek enough to cover your entire car with various pieces of circuitry? Well apparently someone was.

I have seen cars covered in far weirder things, grass, glass, gold, chrome, pens, you name it, but circuit boards are definitely a new one. The sad part is, I am sitting here right now wondering how in the hell I could get enough junk gadgets to get enough circuit boards to do this to my car.


Creative Zen Stone Plus giving Apple even more troubles

So first, the Zen Stone came out from Creative, and the fact that it wasn’t an Apple product, combined with the fact that it was the same size, with similar functionality as the Shuffle, and it was slightly cheaper, well that was enough to help the original model sell a good number of units. Well now it appears Creative is besting Apple’s Shuffle in more areas than price.

In fact they are fixing one of the few flaws of the shuffle, the lack of a screen for navigational purposes. Then they are upping the storage to iPod Nano levels with 4GB for the Zen Stone Plus.


WordPress finally streamlined to work with your iPhone

If you are anything like me, you probably instantly thought that this was something you had to pull down from Installer, which meant you had to have a hacked device. Well its not, it’s a WP plugin, which means you have to install it into WP, and then you can access it from the web browser, no iPhone/iPod Touch hacking required.

It converts the whole WP-Admin interface into a mobile Safari friendly interface. With this you can write, and manage existing posts right from your iPhone. And to keep things speedy, it automatically strips everything down to its bare HTML essentials, but it also GZIPs everything before it’s sent to the iPhone, which means it should work rather well even on the EDGE network.