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Motorola CEO stepping down

And in his place COO Greg Brown will be stepping up. Zander is stepping down on his terms and chose to use the end of the first quarter where Motorola saw a profit as a good time to announce it.

I knew Motorola wasn’t doing too good because they haven’t released a hot product in a long time, but I had no idea it was this bad. It seems like the CEO’s of the entire mobile industry are stepping down, except in the companies that made money like ATT, Samsung, and HTC.


Sphaeron Excalibur puts a large marching band in your living space

If you ever thought a tuba and a baritone’s horns would make good speakers, it turns out you were right. As proven by these speakers enclosing 4 subwoofers and a ceiling-high box and then letting what literally looks like the bells from those two instruments be the only outlet for sound, you get some amazing sound quality.


Rock Band issues being addressed by Harmonix

So the Rock Band issues that a lot of you have been experiencing are being addressed by Harmonix. Specifically the issue with the strum bar on the guitar.


Nintendo DS or Sony PSP? Which is the SlashGear holiday choice?

As the holiday season fast approaches, we’ve been getting questions from readers regarding which portable games console they should buy for themselves, their friends or their kids.  It’s hard to believe that there are still people out there who haven’t decided on a side in the PSP/DS war, but here are a few factors you should consider before splashing your cash either with Sony or Nintendo.



Windows Vista SP1 could hit public beta by middle of next month

Plans are to have a private public beta for the first week of December and then to release a public beta the week after that. Meaning the plans for a public release by January should still hold.


Zonbu Notebook for sale in 2008

Zonbu, the company that brought you the uber cheap desktop that had a monthly subscription fee attached to it is now bringing you a notebook with the same deal. The biggest difference is you get a whole notebook instead of a dummy terminal with everything being based online.


Rumor: BlackBerry 9000 specs

So the BGR has some unconfirmed specs for the potential new RIM device known as the BlackBerry 9000 series. They say that one of the devices in that series will have at least these specs, but probably more.


Asus Nova P22 small 2-liter PC

Its not quite as small as a Mac Mini, and the pricing on a Mac Mini might be a bit more convenient too. The NOVA P22 is a 2-liter PC weighing in at 1.78 kilos.


HappyEar Flamingo Bluetooth headset

This little headset has apparently won tons of design awards and stuff like that. Anyways, it comes in 8 colors ranging from pastel to somewhat metallic.


What can you expect in the Xbox 360 Fall Update?

Well, first off the parental controls that everyone threw a fit about not to long ago. Then add to that the Xbox originals and social networking features.


Alcohol and Art – A New Kind of AA

Sometimes when given choices like going to the museum and see some fine art or drinking beer and watching the game, we choose the less classy road. It may not be because we don’t want to walk around looking at things and struggling to understand them or it might be that we just want to imbibe some alcohol. If the latter is more your style then you’re in luck, there is a way to get the best of both worlds.


Tiny Toys Shopping Guide – Nightmare Before Christmas Little Taps and ChoroQ Qsteer R/C Racer

I’m not sure what the worlds obsession is with picturing things next to coins. I get that’s small when you use words like little, mini, tiny and micro… no visual necessary, but that’s just me. Anyway, here are two tiny toys that are just a bit bigger than a quarter, enjoy.

First up we have Jack from the Nightmare Before Christmas, now he’s not the only character this toy comes in but with the season so close he’s the featured toy right now. This Little Taps toy will sing and dance to songs from the show and should come across any other Little Taps they all interconnect and will sing and dance together. You can pick up Jack for just $14.99.


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