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Hands-on & Live photos of SanDisk’s tiny huge memory card: 8GB MicroSDHC

After a little sweet-talking at the SanDisk event, Vincent was allowed to spend a few minutes in the company of their marvellously capacious MicroSDHC. 8GB of storage in something the size of a thumbnail is plenty impressive, although if you insist on carrying around the accompanying card-reader (which I suppose you could pretend was some sort of Star Trek phaser) the whole package gets a little bulky.


SanDisk Event – We are LIVE!

SanDisk Event – We are LIVE!

Well you know that SanDisk event that I mentioned yesterday? Yeah, we wound up there, it’s all kind of hazy how, but somehow Vincent wound up in LA surrounded by extremely attractive members of the opposite sex and ice sculptures.

He has been generous enough to bless us with pics, and soon to come, videos. For now we have these pictures, more will be added as they come.

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SanDisk drops 8GB microSDHC card

Well, with the iPhone and iPod Touch coming in 8GB capacities a single expansion card slightly larger than the home button on both of the aforementioned devices is nothing to dismiss. That means that you can take just about any modern phone and grant it the same storage capacity of the iPhone.

There are also M2 cards in the same capacity for those that have compatible devices with those cards. Anyways, like I said, 8GB of storage is a lot when it can all be fit on such a tiny, tiny card.


WMF1 Coffee Pad makes just one cup of java

Clearly, making a single cup of coffee isn’t all that new of a concept, but how you do it can win you awards. Such as the 2007 Red Dot award the creators of this coffee maker won.

I am not a coffee drinker, I give it a go every so often just in case my tastes might have changed, but they never do, but I am a big fan of highly attractive consumer appliances such as this one. There is a single cup, and it takes a pre-measured 1-cup’s worth of coffee filter.


E-Ink has some new e-paper displays

There is a front-lit e-paper model that was made by Alps Electric which is a step in the right direction for those concerned with reading at night. There was also a rather large e-paper display that was somewhat flexible.

The larger e-paper model was measured at 9.7-inches and has a flexible TFT substrate. Furthermore, it had a respectable 1200×820 resolution to boast as well.


XRoad V4050 dropping stateside

Well this is a pretty amazing GPS unit, but is really dependent on price, especially after Nokia released the N810 with integrated GPS. This unit has a 4.3-inch touchscreen and a SiRF Star III chipset, which is as good as it gets in the consumer market.

On top of that, there is an SD card slot and a multimedia app that supports MP3, MPEG-4, and JPG files. That’s not a bad list of features, but again, compared to the N810, price will be the major selling point.


Infinite Response Vax 77

It’s a foldable keyboard for the on the go musician. It weighs a mere 25 pounds and is said to fit nicely within the overhead compartments on the airplane.

There are at least 3 colors, red, black, and blue. There will also be something called a “polyphonic aftertouch” in there, which has little meaning to me, but seems like it would be important to someone who plays the keys.


zBoost YX300 zP zPersonal Repeater for cell signals

Sick of dead spots for cellular reception in your own house, dorm, or apartment? Well, RepeaterStore has your back with this zBoost YX300 made for more personally use.

There are of course more industrial versions for other applications, but this smaller, less obvious unit should do the trick in your house. Basically it does its magic and improves GSM and CDMA cell signals inside the area where you put it.


Boynq WakeUp iPod clock radio

It looks weird, but in a good way, like it could transform into iPodimus Prime at any point. Anyways, the thing perched on its edge are the speaker portions of the device, the front section is the clock and the media selector/controller.

A grand total of 20 watts of output isn’t bad for a clock radio, my Altec Lansing 2.1 system only puts out 12 watts, and I wouldn’t have traded it for a thing, until one of the satellites blew. So there are four quarters if you will to the front of this device, the top right is the iPod dock, top left is the media selector/controller and the bottom two is the clock.


Sprint cell phone unlocking policy

So there was some class action lawsuit in California involving Sprint, and regarding the fact that they lock their handsets to their network. I said regarding the fact, because I couldn’t say their policy, as they didn’t have such a policy in place until now, it was kind of unwritten policy.

Well now they will, and they are going to train all their people on the matter. Furthermore, if you are, or were a customer of Sprint, they will be unlocking handsets starting now, soon, I don’t know when they are starting this procedure, but it is one of the results of the lawsuit. The best part is, the trial didn’t have to go too terribly far, part way in Sprint was kind of like “my bad” and so they offered a solution.


Pleo woos crowds and drives grown men to tears (maybe)

The Daleks from Doctor Who may be iconic, but take them out into the street and you’re not likely to see children and grown adults alike cuddling them, snuffling their little noses and generally coo’ing like crazed doves.  For that, you seemingly need one of Ugobe’s Pleo robot dinosaurs.


Rock Band to be released November 20th alongside new community page

Fellow rockers, have I got a treat for you! It has been known for some time that Rock Band would be released on November 23rd. We all know this day to be Black Friday, which is the day no one without an important shopping agenda should leave the house under any circumstances. After apparently listening to their fans, Harmonix has decided to change their release date.


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