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Walmart screws Guitar Hero III buyers out of a new controller

I’m sure that by now you’re shocked that I haven’t posted my in-depth review of Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock. Unfortunately due to some shipping issues I have not yet received my copy, but you can rest assured that I’ll give you my full report once it makes its way here. Until then, here’s a little nugget of joy.

By joy I of course mean pain. If you went to your local Walmart to pick up your copy of the game, you already know what I’m talking about. Until now we’ve been informed that the Xbox 360 bundle will feature a Les Paul, and the PS2 will have a Kramer controller. However, if you went to Walmart and didn’t look closely at the box then you very likely found either an X-plorer or SG instead.


Batter Blaster – For a lazy breakfast

I wouldn’t call myself a lazy person per se, however, I do like to put forth as little effort as possible when it comes to things like cooking. I’m the kind of guy that buys the pancake mix that only needs water added. However, I don’t think I’ll even need to bother with that, thanks to this cool invention.


DIY – TV remote jammer

I don’t really have any problems with fighting over the remote to the TV. The fact that I watch very little TV is a major contributing factor to that. However, some people find themselves waging a war every evening over domination of the remote. Here’s a little trick to make sure that you always win.


Wine bottle thumb drive brimming with exclusive drink content

USB flash memory drives in bizarre shapes are nothing new, but with the exception of the U3 portable app suite preloaded content has always been a little underbaked.  A French wine company based in the tipple-friendly Bordeaux region is looking to change all that, however, with the release of the oddly-named Be Wine Connected: a bottle-shaped thumb drive complete with exclusive content about the drink as well as Open Cellar software to manage your own wine collection.



3 Italy launch Skype cellphone that encourages mobile VoIP use

While some cellular carriers do everything they can to lock down what you’re able to use their bandwidth for – VoIP taking top-spot for App Least Wanted – network 3 Italy seems to be taking the opposite route.  They’ve partnered with Skype to bring out a co-branded handset that gives easy access to the VoIP giant’s network, and they’re even encouraging customers use it with up to ten hours free Skype talktime until the end of January 2008.



T-Mobile Shadow – Formerly known as the HTC Juno

If you haven’t seen the HTC Juno, which is now called the T-Mobile Shadow, this is the perfect time to check it out. We’ve gotten our hands on all of the info and a few pictures for you viewing pleasure.

The Shadow is a slider phone, which means you won’t be getting a QWERTY keyboard, however it still has plenty to offer. It’s  powered by Windows Mobile 6 and features a 2.0 megapixel camera with video capture, and while it only runs off of an EDGE network, it features WiFi support for faster speeds when you’re near a hotspot.


LG Shine Wood LB2005H

It’s a new addition to the LG Shine lineup, a LG Shine with a stainless steel cover that is etched to look like wood. Really it looks pretty nice, but sadly it appears to only be available in Korea.

Other features include DMB-TV, a two-megapixel camera, MP3 player, Bluetooth (hopefully with A2DP support), and an Electronic Dictionary. That’s a pretty good list of features for a clamshell.


Natural Sounds Enterprise D9280C

Well I guess there has been crazier stuff come out of China than this. But it appears from the design of this player; the designers over at Natural Sounds Enterprise have officially lost it.

They decided to completely disregard the user’s experience, I mean, just look at that highly confusing array of buttons on the front. It does however have a 2” screen, a USB 2.0 port, and SD/MMC card slots, which should make connectivity and storage a breeze.


Rumor: Rogers Canada getting iPhone for holidays

So the ad pictured below is making its rounds through the Internets and might actually be real. If it’s not real, it is a really good fake, that’s for sure.

If the ad is to be believed, the actual sale date for the iPhone will be December 7th which is just barely in time for the beginning of the holiday season. The pre-orders will start on November 20th and will run you $499.99 CAD plus a 3-year contract.


Sharper Image Wireless Outdoor Monophonic One-Speaker System

Sure, wireless speakers aren’t all that new, neither are outdoor speakers, but a smart combination of the two brought to you by Sharper Image, well that’s nearly a work of art. They use 2.4GHz signals, so you’ll have to make sure it doesn’t interfere with any of your other gear.

Other than that, all you need is an audio source that uses a standard headphone jack for its output. You can also by a second speaker, to make it stereo, its not another one of the main unit, it’s a special auxiliary speaker.


Volkswagen makes its way into the flash memory business

Well, not really, Volkswagen the company actually has nothing to do with these cute little flash drives modeled after their more famous vehicles. There are 4 models, 2 beetles, and 2 campers.

The Beetles come in pink or blue and the campers come in green or red. When you are transferring data and all that good stuff, the lights flash and there are horns that honk too.


SanDisk 8GB MicroSDHC compatibility test

I ran a quick compatibility test of the SanDisk 8GB MicroSDHC with five relatively new phones. Three of the five phones are capable of taking advantage of the full 8GB storage while the other two maxed out at 4GB.

The Nokia N95-3, HTC Touch from Sprint and the Blackberry 8310 from at&t passed the compatibility test with flying colors.


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