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Intel X3100 Chipset support found in Leopard install

Support for Intel’s X3100 mobile graphics chipset could mean that Apple has plans for a quick and dirty MacBook hardware refresh. Apple has generally stuck with ATI or NVIDIA graphics for their Mac Pro, MacBook Pro, and iMac line-ups, and the X3100 is a mobile graphics solution, so that means either the MacBook or the Mac Mini are getting the update.

Regardless of which one it is, the X3100 graphics chipset only works on the Santa Rosa platform which means that Santa Rosa is either getting added to the MacBook, the Mac Mini, or Apple is releasing a new, slightly lower end, MacBook Pro. The latter is possible due to the rumors of an all aluminum (like the MacBook Pro’s) 13” ultra portable being in the works, combined with the fact that the MacBook Pro’s are the only mobile line of Apple’s that already support the Santa Rosa platform.


T-Mobile Shadow Reviewed

The guys over at CrunchGear got their hands on a T-Mobile Shadow to review, so what did they think? Overall they seemed to think it was a rather mediocre handset.

They did like the scroll wheel, the compact size for a smartphone, and its fairly cheap price. On top of that, they liked what T-Mobile and HTC had done to smooth out the edges on Windows Mobile 6.


XO, OLPC, $100 laptop, whatever you call it, the first 100k of them have been sold

So many names, so few actual orders, as I understand it, the actual machine is called the XO, the OLPC is that name of the initiative behind it, and stands for One Laptop Per Child. The $100 laptop was a thing of the past back when they thought they could get it done for that price, now it’s a lot closer to $188.

Anyways, NickNeg has learned a lot about how things actually work in the business world and has learned the hardware that money talks and BS runs marathons. Sure, there were several countries that he shook hands with their heads and leaders saying they were going to buy a bunch of his laptops, but Uruguay is the first to actually hand over the dough.


WiBrain B1 UMPC gets an upgrade

There is some new design features, specifically some new buttons and locations for old buttons, the keyboard is still split though. This device has a fairly amazing 4.8” WSVGA touch screen too, with a 1024×600 resolution which is pretty good for a UMPC.

It now runs a VIA C7M processor which gives it a whopping 1.2GHz clock speed, VX700 for graphics, and up to 1GB of RAM. You can get your choice of 30 or 60 gigabytes of storage as well.


Key Carbon keystroke logger

In the evil world of data theft/identity theft, the key logger is a major player provided you have easy physical access to the computer your intended target uses. It’s also good for those super nosy parents that are worried about what types of emails/instant messages their kids are receiving and what websites they are going to.

So every once in a while a company will release a new keystroke logger program or other type of key logger such as this USB based device. This is kind of a jack though, its way over priced, for $190 you get a USB stick that doesn’t even work without some software being installed and furthermore only has 512k of storage.


GPS Sports brings GPS to your athlete

For a long time coaches and trainers have longed to be able to wirelessly track their athletes’ location and vitals while playing their sport, the only problem has been figuring out how to do so without impending the players performance or getting in the way. GPS Sports, a company from Australia has now brought you one step closer.

Their device integrates GPS, which allows for the coaches to track their players’ positions and how fast they move, and even pinpoint patterns in their movement. There is also a feature where the force of a hit a player receives can be measured and reported.


Sprint unlocks your mobile phone upon departure

Are you getting ready to leave Sprint behind and move to another carrier such as T-Mobile? They’re both run on CDMA networks, so wouldn’t it be great if you could just use your old Sprint phone? Don’t worry, now you can.

As the result of a class action lawsuit Sprint will now hand out the unlock codes for your phone once you decide to leave them. The lawsuit claimed that the locked phones made it more costly to change carriers.


Rock Band – Final Set list revealed

Ever so slowly Harmonix has been releasing tracks for the upcoming Rock Band title. Well they’ve finally spilled the beans on all of the main tracks. That’s not to say that there aren’t some bonus tracks still waiting to be announced, but as far as the main songs go, the entire list is after the jump.


SlashGear Review – Toshiba Qosmio F45

I’ve had the opportunity to use the Qosmio F45 for a little while now, and it’s come time for me to let you guys know just how this machine performs. As with many of my reviews, I’m not going to focus on benchmarks as I am actual usability, because lets face it, that’s what really matters.


Hack – Install Leopard on your PC

My first computer was a Mac, and for many years that’s the only thing that I would use. Unfortunately, as I got older it became more apparent that I was living in a world dominated by PCs. Eventually I got a PC, and my old Mac became sorely outdated. I’ve been meaning to get a new one, but have never gotten around to it. Thanks to a new OSX hack, I might not need to.


Circuit City already selling sub-$200 HD DVD player

Remember that sub-$200 HD DVD player that we told you Walmart would be carrying? Well it supposedly won’t be hitting their shelves until November 3rd, however, you don’t need to wait that long to get your hands on one.

If you head over to Circuit City’s website you’ll find Toshiba’s HD-A2 HD DVD player being sold for $197.99. That’s the same model that Walmart is rumored to be selling for roughly the same price.


Apple refuses to take cash in exchange for iPhones

If you decide to wander into your local Apple Store with the intention of buying a few iPhones, you’ll be pretty disappointed, as you are now limited to purchasing only two iPhones. That’s not really going to affect a ton of people that are buying them for personal use. However, if you try to pay cash for your iPhone, you’ll get quite a shock.

Apparently Apple is no longer accepting cash for iPhones. This move is speculated to be Apple’s way of preventing people from purchasing the iPhone with the sole intention of hacking/unlocking it.


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