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Super Smash Brothers Brawl – Now to ship with a custom level editor

One thing you don’t find on most console games is a custom level editor. Sure, many PC games give you the option of creating entire maps for first person shooters and the like, but generally console games get left in the dark. However, Super Smash Brothers Brawl  promises to give you exactly that.


Dolby Volume – Consistent sound during commercials will finally be a reality

Recently I’ve noticed a few TV stations that have unusually loud commercials. I’ve been without my DVR for a little while, so I’ve been forced into watching more commercials, so I’m really quite annoyed by this. There’s nothing like grabbing the remote and adjusting the volume just so you can hear yourself think. Thankfully Dolby has a solution for this issue.


AT&T releases the SGH-a737 from Samsung

If you’re looking for a new phone on AT&T’s network, you’ll be happy to know that they have just released the SGH-a737 from Samsung.

The SGH-a737 is a multimedia slider phone that has a variety of niceties such as stereo Bluetooth 2.0, a 1.3MP camera and a microSD card slot that takes up to 4GB cards. It works with a variety of AT&T services such as Video Share and Mobile Music in addition to instant messaging via AOL, Yahoo and Windows Live and over-the-air music downloads via eMusic Mobile, and XM Radio. The 3G capabilities will ensure that you’ll make the most of these services.


Lex uses your bike to deliver your message to everyone around you

One of my favorite past times is riding my bike. I don’t do it nearly as much as I once did, and I’m actually a bit sorry for that. There’s just something relaxing about taking off down a country road that just can’t be duplicated. I can honestly say at no time did I ever consider using my bike wheels to display some type of message to passerbys.


Tin Can Speakers covered in graffiti

Remember when you were a kid and you’d run a piece of string between two cans and use them like a pair of walkie-talkies? Yes, my parents may have been too cheap to buy us real walkie-talkies, but it still blew my mind as a kid that it actually worked. Well, here’s a pair of speakers that will bring back fond memories to anyone that used those as a child.


Chicken Foot USB drive – (insert fowl pun here)

There are thousands of USB flash drives on the market, and it would be insane to try to cover each and every one of them. Usually, they are just a standard flash drive with a fancy (or funny) outer casing. This one is exactly that. No fancy features whatsoever, but damn it is funny-looking.


Rates released for German iPhone customers

I don’t live anywhere near Germany, but since our readers are from all over the globe, I thought that I would let you know that Apple and T-Mobile have announced their rate plans for the iPhone in Germany.


GameStop quits offering product replacement plan for the Xbox 360

I would sound very much like a broken record if I mentioned the fact that the Xbox 360 has a reputation of dying on people (surely not!). Unfortunately, it’s a very real fact, one which keeps fellow 360 owners up at night. At least when you go to purchase a new console you have the option of getting a replacement plan which will net you a new console if it should ever die right? Not at GameStop.


Walgreens to install movie burning kiosks

Next year when you mosey into your local Walgreens you may be greeted by something  quite interesting. In addition to their fancy photo editing kiosks, you’ll see another large box that dispenses movies.

The new movie kiosks will burn and dispense flicks right as you wait. Apparently the laws regarding copy-protection have been eased ever so slightly, which allows for companies to sell DVDs that are created while you wait.


Apple gift cards can’t be used to purchase iPhones either

The  other day I informed you that Apple was no longer accepting cash for their iPhones. I wish this were one of those time where I was retracting that statement, however, I only have worse news to bring.

In addition to not accepting cash, they will also not accept gift cards. I guess it would only make sense, as you could use cash to buy the gift cards. It’s really a bit disturbing when a company won’t even take their own gift cards in exchange for a product.


Firebox Designer Binary Clock

Well you see, it’s a clock, and the time, its displayed in binary with lights. There is a row for each hours, minutes, and seconds.

The columns are in binary starting at the left with 32 and then decreasing by half all the way down to 1. I have no clue what the top most row is for, as the bottom three are the rows that actually tell time.


Roberts Radio Robi

Those probably aren’t the three R’s your parents told you to learn in school, but they are the three R’s that bring you digital radio for your iPod. It also acts as a remote for the iPod, allowing you to control the iPod using this in-line device.

And, like I said, you can listen to DAB radio with it. One of these days we might see something like DAB stateside, but somehow I doubt it.


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