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TV remote art experiment mixes water & electricity

Bizarre ways to control familiar items always make me tingle in my otherwise-forgotten parts, so I was illicitly delighted to see Philippe Kindelis’ simply-titled “TV Remote Control”.  It’s a title that does it no justice, as power, volume and channel changing are all adjusted through moving different metal cables in volumes of water.



Yamaha A-S2000 amp and CD-S2000 CD player

Yeah, these are definitely not for the shallow pocketed or those that usually can’t hear the difference between a pair of iPhone ear-buds and a pair of high-end Sennheisers. But if you do like simplistic external design, with top of the line components inside, well Yamaha might not be your first choice, but this is some pretty nice gear for uner $2000 each.

The CD player has a TI PCM-1792 DAC in it so you can get the best quality analog signal from your newly purchased Atmosphere album (coming soon, I can’t wait), I mean just imagine hearing Ant’s beats out of this pair with some nice speakers attached. The amp has separate amplifiers and power supply inside so the two don’t combine to create the comparably nasty sound of a shelf stereo or something of that nature.


Chinese production ‘bugs’ delay first shipment of OLPC laptops

Thanks to production delays that have seen a scheduled October start pushed back to November 12th, the OLPC “XO-1” laptop – previously known as the $100 laptop, but the price of which crept up t $188 at the last count – will not begin to deliver until December at the earliest. Blamed on “last-minute bugs”, the hold up has cast doubts on whether One Laptop Per Child will be able to fulfil Christmas orders both to Peru, Uruguay and South America, as well as to the North America and Canada customers who will be able to pre-order the machine as part of the company’s “Give 1 Get 1” scheme.


iShoes help you get around a little quicker

These shoes are powered by an electric motor coupled with a battery. They will get you going a good 15mph at top speed too.

The only two downsides so far is the fact that they are still in development, and the fact that they will only last for about 7-11 miles. They have 4-inch wheels and strap onto your feet like the old school metal skates used to.


Rumor: Samsung F700 “Croix” coming to US?

Word on the streets is that we could see that amazing smartphone stateside sometime soon. The rumor states that Verizon might be the carrier of the “Croix” that the Jesus-Phone gets nailed to, that was a bad pun, I’m going to hell for that one.

Furthermore, the phone is supposed to be getting fitted with the necessary CDMA and EV-DO chipsets instead of the HSPA and GSM that it has now. Everything else, including the 3MP cam, touch interface, and sliding keyboard would stay.


Dell XPS A2010 all in one PC leaked

Well, they say a picture is worth a thousand words, I think these two are worth only one. Rip-off.

I really can’t say much more than that, I could supposition on the stats, although an optional TV tuner, Core 2 Duo processor and 300GB HDD are all already semi-official. It looks like at least a 20” screen, I am guessing larger though.


Qualcomm deliver dual-3G WWAN chip with both EV-DO and HSDPA

Having two high-speed cellular broadband technologies operating at the same time isn’t ideal – switching networks is a pain, as can be roaming – but Qualcomm are hoping to make the best of a tricky situation with their latest dual-3G laptop chip.  Packing both HSDPA and EV-DO, the chip – which they’re calling Gobi – can connect to networks of either standard, meaning that notebooks using the technology will have extra flexibility for users to choose the carrier with the best coverage in their area.


Scrolling LED shirt

I have seen a lot of things with LEDs built into them, belt buckles, dog tags, even name tags (like the “Hello my name is” ones). But building that same tech directly into a t-shirt is a new one.

Sure enough it’s been don’t though, and so long as you fit into a shirt ranging from sizes small through XL and have $40 plus shipping and taxes, you can have one. You can program up to 6 messages on it too.


TiVo HD or Series3 – which should get your high-def PVR money?

The guys over at Engadget HD (you know, the res is so high you can count every hair in their nostrils) have taken pity on everybody confused by the sudden surfeit of high-definition TiVo goodness, and have set about pitting the HD model versus the Series3 in a cage-fight brawl to the death.  Well, they’ve compared them, anyway.



Diamond dust gets in your TV cabinet

I’m going to be blunt with you, kids: forget your dreams of hot girls (or boys), being showered with the admiration and respect of your peers and a glamorous lifestyle of the sort hitherto only known in a Snoop Dogg record.  You’ve only truly made it in life when your TV cabinet has diamonds in it.  For the trifling sum of €100,000 (a mere $143,000) you can have this Diamond storage unit from Flatlift. complete with pop-up TV, automated drawers, LED backlighting and 50-carat diamond dust.



Tiny VoIP speakerphone transforms

It’s really quite fascinating what people like about different gadgets. Take, for example, this VoIP speakerphone. People aren’t marveling at its small size or cool technology, but rather its keen ability to transform.

Its small size is actually quite refreshing, as it weighs only 1.25 pounds, which is considerably less than some other units. One thing to note is that it does have a USB connector so it can suck juice from a PC, or you can just use the included AC adapter.


No new Xbox 360 SKU with integrated HD DVD player after all?

There have been some rumors floating about the interweb of yet another Xbox 360 SKU. This time it would include a built-in HD DVD player in the console, rather than having to rely on an external unit for your high-def needs.