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TI has a prototype mobile phone with a pico-projector in it

Motorola was supposed to be the first company to market with such a device, especially after their deal with Microvision. It seems as though TI beat them to it though.

This isn’t TI’s first time round the projector world, most of the DLP TV’s and projectors you see these days have a chip from TI in them. The fact is though, it is kind of surprising seeing TI be the first with a full on mobile phone/pico-projector combo.


DVD Zabady is a splash proof portable DVD player

You can’t quite take it in the pool with you, but leaving it setting on the edge you should be fine. There is obviously a LCD screen on the device, it also plays DVDs.

The device will also read MP3s and MPEG4s off of discs. On top of that there is a SD card slot that will play the same formats from it.


Dissatisfied with Vista on your new system? Downgrade

Not too long ago there was a story going ‘round where OEMs could offer you a downgrade for your newly purchased system so you could ditch Vista and go back to XP. This story wasn’t covered because it seemed to be pretty much tailored towards businesses, well now you can too.

Thus we are here telling you how, because if you have a new system and want to ditch Vista but don’t have a copy of XP to install or if you have been looking at a new machine but have lived in fear of a new purchase due to Vista, you can go ahead and buy it. Crave Asia did some research and found out that you too can get a downgrade.


Latest Sony VAIO AR600 range has media sights on your desktop

It’s difficult to fashion a laptop capable at dragging attention from Apple’s slender, expensive-looking (and expensive costing!) MacBook and MacBook Pro ranges, but Sony are obviously hoping to do that with a nicely designed cross-section.  Their VAIO AR600 line may be big-boned and destined for that catch-all “desktop replacement” label, but it looks pretty sexy from the side.



Victory Vision has iPod connectivity

Combine the title with picture and you will realize that Victory is a reference to the up and coming motorcycle manufacturer that has already made some amazing bikes. The next realization will likely be that the Vision is probably the first motorcycle with iPod connectivity you have ever heard of, and you would be right.

The bike itself is a work of art, and looks like something from the likes of Ferrari or Brammo Motorsports but on two wheels. Tack on the iPod support, optional 4-speaker sound system, and optional XM radio and you have a geeks dream bike.


Lucky man gets Halo 3 early from Dell

First, a couple things, Halo 3 comes out tonight, so we all realize you will be playing that game hardcore for at least a couple days, but please don’t forget to come back here and check us out, we will miss you. Second, who buys Xbox 360 games from Dell?

Well apparently if you do, and your package gets shipped via DHL, you just might receive your game early. Like this gentleman, who probably has a house full of Halo/Bungie groupies sitting at his house waiting on their turn to play right now?


Optimus Maximus keys assimilated by Microsoft

Although I well accept that I’m only feeding the hype by posting photos, it’s so nice to see an Optimus Maximus keyboard actually showing something other than dull coloured blocks on each key that I’m saying “sod it” and posting anyway. 



Sunfire ‘Cinema Ribbon’ speakers could revolutionise compact audio

Perhaps I’m easily led, but when I see a reviewer I trust say that a product is a “breakthrough design” I sit up and pay attention (or at least I slump further in the general direction of the news source).  So when Home Theatre‘s Steve Guttenberg tells me I really ought to be interested in the clever “ribbon” tweeter inside Sunfire’s CRM-2 speakers, and that they “play really loud without duress, and the speaker projects an enormous soundstage, with remarkable width, depth and height,” you know you’re on to something special.  Neodymium magnets are just the icing on the cake.



Halo Rocket Launcher equally fun in real life

A reader from Gizmodo got the pleasure of toying around with a real life AT4 Anti-Armor Bazooka. It’s made by SAAB and I would assume its hard as hell for a civilian in the US to get their hands on one, but hey, some guys have all the luck.

The gentleman described his experience firing the weapon as being “the loudest thing you can imagine” he went on to list other weapons he had fired that are considered quite loud as well to further re-enforce his point of how loud this was. He also said that the air around him heated by what seemed like 50 degrees, that’s pretty amazing.


ASUS R3 next-gen UMPC launched; ditches Windows for Linux

As UMPC manufacturers put their embarrassing early attempts behind them, it’s interesting to see what direction each takes as they refresh their model lines and try to cater for that elusive “mobile professional”.  While Samsung caved to the QWERTY brigade and included a dinky thumb-keyboard, ASUS is standing proudly by their touchscreen-or-the-highway morals with their new R3.

Check out a launch video of the R3 after the cut


Thermaltake Soprano keyboard shiny, could match your new iMac

There is a model with black keys and brushed aluminum surround, so it could, kind of, match your iMac. Although the new keyboard that comes with the new iMacs could probably do a better job.

Anyways, this keyboard has a lot of ergonomic stuff in it, including curved keys so they fit to your fingers better, that’s not all that new though. It also has the scissor-foot key spring system to make it more comfortable and make the keyboard last longer.


OLPC to go on-sale in US from November 12th

The “One Laptop Per Child” project has come in for some stick recently thanks to the spate of price hikes, but don’t let that put you off too much; early testers have come away feeling incredibly positive about the OLPC, both the innovative OS and the clever hardware design.  Now, with government orders conspicuous by their absence, the team behind the laptop is offering to prematurely sell you one – that is, if you buy one for you and one for a child in a developing country.