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Eco-friendly wind up lamp looks cool, saves energy

This cool lamp has a giant wind up knob on its back. I think it looks pretty cool, and the fact that the handle not only winds up the spring inside, but acts as a timer, I think that’s great.

It will also be one of the few lamps that get its power from you, the winder. I don’t know what the deal is with Earth friendly lighting solutions, but this is the third this week, first it was the 8 watt 400 lumen LED, then it was the Firewinder yesterday, and now a wind up lamp.


FlipStart mini-laptop gets piggyback camera

With sales of Vulcan’s FlipStartsuper-compact PC branching out into Europe, the team behind it is doing their damnedest to make sure the device doesn’t fall into the same trap so many other niche products have succumbed to: “it’s a great toy, but what do I use it for?” Mobile pro’s in need of image and video capture, therefore, are being woo’d with this latest release; the Snap Camera piggybacks onto your FlipStart’s lid and can grab 5-megapixel stills or VGA quality video.


Live from the GM Collections Event

It’s a well-kept secret that we bloggers are taking over the world. More people are turning to blogs for information on all kinds of products. I’m not just talking about consumer electronics, there are blogs about everything imaginable. The great thing about bloggers is that they are real people, they aren’t going to skew the facts because they feel pressure from their publisher. Some companies are finally starting to really take notice of this trend. One such company is GM.


Firewinder is a spinning wind-powered light source

Tom Lawton designed this awesome thing that converts just a little breeze into a lot of light. It doesn’t get bright enough to be useful for work, but it will provide a little light, and act as a beacon of sorts.

It will work with wind speeds as low as 3 miles per hour, all the way up to 40mph. The optimum speed is 5-7 mph though.


Lego iPod Dock has speakers

They call it a dock; I would argue that it doesn’t dock with anything. It just connects to the speakers inside the Lego case.

I wonder if you can add real Legos to it? Probably not, but that would be kind of cool, then you could build it into an actual dock, oh well though.


Dell XPS M1730 released

This is one mammoth laptop, its not quite on par in terms of size with the XPS M2010, but this one is still pretty big at 17”. I hope the Carbon Fiber I see on the surface is part of an attempt to keep the weight down.

This laptop can be configured with a 2.8GHz Core 2 Extreme, 2GB of DDR2, up to 400GB of HDD space, a Blu-Ray drive, and a 512MB nVidia GeForce 8700M GT graphics card. There is 802.11 in a, g, and n flavors as well as optional HSDPA and EV-DO rev. A.


Robot Watch not a transformer but transforms into a desk clock

These robot watches from Japan can serve multiple purposes, a watch, a desk clock, a keychain time piece, or even a necklace pendant. The robot tells the time and has bendable arms and headphones.

You could feasibly put a key ring, D-ring, or necklace chain through the headphones. The robot pops out of the wristband and can stand on its own two to act like a desk clock, even though it would be a really small one.


Toshiba Gigabeat T400 comes to US

Looking for a Nano sized MP3 player with some audiophile features? Toshiba has you hooked up since it brought its T400 to the US. There is H2C decoding to help produce higher quality audio, read on for the rest of the audiophile stuff.

Let’s see, there is support for WMA lossless. The T400 can supposedly restore some of the quality that is lost from the compression of most MP3 and WMA tracks. There is even a 1-bit digital amp built in.


Sony VAIO NR unveiled as fashion oriented notebooks

Want to know how I know they are geared towards the fashion minded? Listen to these color choices, Wenge, Silk, and Granite.

Wenge is a brown with copper accents, Silk is a bright white that has a matte finish (I thought silk was glossy) and Granite is silver with “natural tones”. At least its not lacking in features, with a 15.4” LCD, Intel Core 2 Duo processor, a/b/g flavors of wifi, A/V mode, a DVD optical drive, and SD and MS PRO card slots.

All of that comes at a mere price of $750. Now all you have to do is wait for October to come when they start shipping.

New Sony VAIO NR Notebooks [via i4u]

Toshiba Gigashot A100F full HD HDD camcorder

The Gigashot A100F has a 100GB 1.8” HDD built into it to store all that 1920×1080 resolution MPEG-4 that you can record. It can even record in full HD at up to 60 frames per second and it records in MPEG-4, in the AVC/H.264 formats.

There is a 10x optical zoom so you can shoot your friend from a safe distance. The HDD will last up to 12 hours for full HD video or 23 hours for standard def.


SportsCast wireless scoreboard and stats page for football

It doesn’t use the radio, the TV, or the Internet to get you your football scores, nope, it connects directly to a satellite. It runs on batteries too, so if you lose power and can’t check the radio, TV, or your computer for the scores, this thing has your back.

You are going to have to be pretty addicted to football to buy one of these though. First the display is really bland, it manages to relay all the pertinent information, but its pretty boring.


Asus Eee PC – Delayed until early October

If you were hoping to get your grubby hands on one of the new Asus Eee PCs that was rumored to be coming out this week, you’ll be sorely disappointed. You can expect to wait at least a couple more weeks for the tiny notebook.


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