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Sony delays PS3 ‘Home’ virtual world until Spring 2008

Despite an attempt at slight of hand – unveiling the upgraded Dual Shock 3 controller for the PS3 – Sony couldn’t quite bury the unfortunate news that the launch of their planned ‘Second Life’ rival, ‘Home’, originally slated for the end of this year, has been delayed until Spring 2008.  In a contrite and apologetic speech, Sony CEO Kazuo Hirai blamed the company’s perfectionism for the hold-up:

“We wanted to wait until we could offer what would be totally satisfying for consumers”


Sidekick to get streamlined MySpace app

If you’re driving yourself crazy counting down the hours until T-Mobile release the next-gen Sidekicks, then maybe you could do with the almighty distraction (and hunting ground for emo kids, new bands and any sexual predators that have managed to escape the regular security sweeps) of MySpace.  Now that Helio no longer have the exclusive contract for the ridiculously popular social networking site on mobile handsets, apps have been springing up all over; T-Mobile may have taken a little longer than some rivals, but their implementation looks to be a good one.



DIY Daft Punk disco-floor table

My plans for a luxury lifestyle are constantly scuppered by not having more than a few pennies to my name, so I’m forced to admire stunning pieces of modern design through the shop windows (before I’m moved on by the police) rather than in the comfort of my own home.  That’s why it’s so good to see a DIY version of furnishings store Habitat’s Daft Punk-designed LED disco table.  For around €325 the writer of this Instructable put together his own mini dancefloor (though you probably wouldn’t be safe to clamber up on it) which looks, to my greedy eye, a pretty good facsimile of the original.

Check out the video of the table in action, after the cut…


Sony Dual Shock 3 – It’s like a SIXAXIS, only with rumble!

How long has the PS3 been out now? Well, it’s been out long enough, and the people have been crying out for something. Well, other than lower prices and better games. They’ve been wanting rumble. Finally, after all of the rumors and speculation, it’s official, it’s coming.


Preorder Madden 08 and Tiger Woods PGA 08 for Mac

EA is taking their sweet time making good on their promise to bring certain titles to the Mac. However, true to their word, they have made Madden NFL ’08 and Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08 available for preorder.


Hack – Use any headphones with your iPhone

Sometimes hacking a gadget takes a lot of time, precision and special tools. Then once in a while you find one that is so simple that it doesn’t take more than a couple of minutes with some household tools. Here’s a quick and easy one that you might have considered if you’re an iPhone owner.


Hack – Turn one giant 6V battery into 32 AA batteries

If you’re desperate for some spare AA batteries, you’ll be able to find some in the most unlikely of places. Inside a much larger 6V battery.


Sidekick LX to be released October 24th

If you’re waiting on the new Sidekick LX to hit stores, you’ll be happy to see the blurry snapshot below. You’ve got just over a month to wait.

According to this blurry card, you’ll be able to find the new LX in stores on October 24. Also apparent from the card is that you will in fact be able to “kick it” all the way to the “next level.” If you’re not planning an upcoming visit to your eye doctor, and would like to keep it that way, I’ve posted the contents of the tiny text after the jump along with some blurry pics of the phone itself.


Gold-Plated Macbook Pro cases from Computer Choppers – Can you say tacky?

I’ve always thought that Apple’s computers were some of the most sleek in the industry. Sure, you can go over to Alienware and get one that looks pretty beefy, but if you want simple and sexy, Apple always delivers (except for that stupid black line around the new iMac). Why on earth would you want to cover up your Mac with a cheesy-looking case?


HP to offer SSD option in upcoming business notebooks

Several manufacturers have already begun offering SSD drives on their laptops. HP feels that the time is right to finally offer the same on some of their notebooks.


Xbox 360 controller crammed inside of big brother

Man, I remember back in the good old days when the original Xbox hit the scene. You couldn’t hardly look at a gaming site without someone making fun of the huge controller that came with it. If you want to re-live the excitement with your 360, you’re in luck. Thanks to that crafty modder Ben Heck, you can use that old mammoth-sized controller with your 360.


CBS backs Apple, is fine with $1.99 pricing

We all know that NBC wants more money for their TV shows, that’s one of the reasons that they are no longer selling them via iTunes. CBS, however, wants to “stay out of the battle.”