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Access I/O NANO I/O Server CD is small, but powerful

The NANO board is just a motherboard that is being touted as Nano-ITX even though one of its dimensions is 2mm larger than the Nano-ITX form factor allows for. The motherboard has an IDE port, a CF card slot, and gets its processing power from an ETX module.

Other ports include Ethernet, VGA out, 4 USB ports, 3.5mm jacks for both audio in and out, and PS/2 ports for keyboard and mouse. There are also a couple of serial ports and PC/104-Plus expansion with both ISA and PCI bus stacking connectors.


Childrens puzzle table looks kinda cool and is functional

Remember those little cheap 3×3 square slider puzzles you used to get when you were a kid? The ones where it was all scrambled up and you had to move them around to form the image, and they would always jam up and break, yeah those, but in a table.

There are actually nine storage compartments underneath each of the panels. The easy sliding mechanism should keep it from jamming up like the cheap generic plastic ones from your childhood. The designer is Robin Dashnaw, and since its just in its prototype stages, no price or availability.


Spiderman portable radio made from Spidey’s severed head

Just like the picture shows, it’s a radio, based on the wall clinger’s head. It can do AM/FM radio and play CDs.

There is also a handle and a gaudy antenna. To bad its not a more up to date version with an iPod dock and HD radio support, then it would be worth it.


Kensington sd200V Notebook Docking Station with Video

So in order to transmit a video signal over USB and have it come out the other end on a monitor, you are pretty much guaranteed to need something with DisplayLink, as that’s pretty much how it works. Well this docking station possesses such powers, and more.

The docking station also replicates mic, audio out, 4 USB ports, Ethernet, and with the DisplayLink chipset, VGA. The VGA output can be a mirror image, or used to extend you desktop onto another monitor.


Tetris rug sucks, makes Tetris look bad

First of all, the color sucks, second of all, the blocks are all misshapen. That’s a really bad start to a rug designed after a highly popular gaming icon that you are charging $404 dollars for.

Although the price being $404 dollars is reminiscent of a certain web error message, since this company is in error for putting out such a crappy product and affixing the Tetris name to it. Someone needs to give them a copy of Tetris so at the very least they can get the block shapes right, and maybe come a little closer with the colors.


Samsung ML-1630 and SCX-4500 printers look amazing, Apple exclusive too

The ML-1630 is a monochromatic laser printer that is single function. The SCX-4500 is also a monochromatic laser printer, but it’s a multifunction machine, so it does copying and scanning as well.

You might remember them from our IFA 2007 coverage here. We found out then that when they went on sale they would be going for two and three hundred dollars respectively.


Paper craft postcards allow you to build your own Chicago

This site has started selling these awesome postcards that you can turn into 3D models of the more prominent landmarks in Chicago. There are even some models for the various travel mediums that are notable in Chicago including some trains, bridges, that type of thing.

They are made by the Wurlington Bros. Press in Chicago and are quite amazing. You’ll need some sort of cutting tool that you are pretty precise with, you will also need some glue, but other than that you should be good to go.


Shadow Stormtrooper helmet may be only Star Wars item on Ebay with no bids

It’s a Shadow Stormtrooper helmet that has been made by Master Replicas. It’s a limited edition item and it looks pretty cool.

Its not too terribly limited as there are going to be 500 of them made. That, plus the fact it was selling for $150 less only a month ago are contributing factors to it not selling.


Platinum Club Series Treadmill – Plays nicely with your iPod

Exercising is boring. Unless you’re got a Wii and a little white thing you stand on. For those seeking a more traditional method of exercise, you can now get a treadmill that does its best to keep you entertained.


Belkin Network USB Hub – Wirelessly network any USB devices

Do you have a few devices that you like to have situated across the room from your PC? If so, you’ve likely found it difficult to connect them to your PC without stringing long cables. Belkin has finally released their solution tot this issue.


Transcend launches 32GB SSD drive

If you’re in the market for a SSD, Transcend has just upped the capacity on their current offerings. They may not be the biggest ones on the market, but there’s nothing wrong with a little healthy competition to bring the prices down.


Rumor : Slim Aluminum MacBooks Coming Soon?

Rumor : Slim Aluminum MacBooks Coming Soon?

We have previously reported a rumor about thinner and lighter MacBooks, and today the rumor starts buzzing again. 9to5Mac reported that they have received some information about this rumored slim chassis Macbooks.

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