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AT&T Tilt, Verizon XV8600 and Samsung i760

Some people just get to play with all of the cool new toys. This time, it’s not Vincent that has all of the cool phones, but the guys over at Mobility Today got their hands on some of the hot new phones we’re going to be seeing this fall.


Kids Crooked House makes just that, crooked houses for kids

Obviously they aren’t full out houses, but more along the lines of a play house, but its still cool. I remember back in the day when they still showed good cartoons, like Foghorn Leghorn, Roadrunner, Woody the Woodpecker, Porky the Pig, and so many more of the classics, they really were great.

Well now you can bring those days back for you and your kids with a new playhouse for your offspring. There is a company that actually makes those crooked homes you used to always see in the cartoons, I have no idea why they were always poorly proportioned and crooked, but they were.


LED from Seoul semiconductors could be world’s brightest

One LED, on average, will put out about 100 lumens, this new LED, four times that. That’s right, 400 lumens from one LED, I know what you are thinking, this thing must suck a lot of power, not so much, eight watts.

The average light of the LED is actually 350 lumens and the maximum is 420 lumens. That’s still not bad, 350 lumens from a single LED at 8w means they can start implementing them for cheap hopefully, in the industrial and residential markets. Just imagine how much energy your city would save if they switched their street lights to this?


Disco lights drink coaster

So some guy in the UK (ebenupton is his nickname) decided that since his wife liked Vegas so much the last time they were there, he’d try and do something to bring a little bit of that flashiness home. What he came up with was some sort of light array put underneath an oddly shaped piece of transparent plastic to make a disco style light show on the contents of you glass.

It works well with his example of a gin and tonic on top of it, it looks pretty good. However my drink of choice is Jagermeister, straight up, I don’t think the light show would do much for that.


DMB-T TV tuner for the PSP gets reviewed

So the PSP can play games, play all sorts of media, be hacked to play emulators, and can do GPS. Now, thanks to those geniuses that Sony seems to be raising from birth, it can also play wireless television signals on its screen.

All it takes is a nifty little adapter that connects to the top of the PSP that has a telescopic antenna for the best reception. The picture quality is reported to be great, most of that was attributed to the handset’s amazing screen.


China Vision CVASQ-C811 PMP and handheld gaming

This wonderful little device can do so much, it can play music, movies, and video games. The best part is you don’t have to keep that bulky gaming controller portion connected all the time. The media player is just the screen portion.

The controller half is just a stand that connects via the player’s USB 2.0 port so you can play video games. The gaming is done via a slew of emulators, here’s the full list: NES, Famicom, Game Boy, Game Boy Color, Sega Mega Drive and Sega Genesis.


A Hacker’s project reconnects our troops in the desert with the outside world again

First of all, I just wanted to clarify that hackers are not bad people, furthermore, they are generally not the perpetrators of malicious attacks. What they are, are highly skilled, well educated professionals who are masters of their craft that should be revered for their work, and receive some level of adoration for what they have done for the technology world as a whole, both the software and hardware portions.

Now that that’s out of the way, a particular hacker carrying the nick of Deviant Ollam has started sending out hard drives, I assume in enclosures so they can be connected via USB, to our soldiers. The hard drives already have a lot of music and movies, and other media on them, and then the soldiers are supposed to get what they want off of it and then add their music, movies, and more and send it along.


Infinity and JBL subs help decrease your home theater’s clutter

By going wireless they are not only easier to install, but easier to move and repostion, and like I said, its less clutter in your home theater. Now they haven’t quite figured out the whole wireless power thing, so you will still need an outlet to plug the sub into, but an outlet is probably far easier to come by than it is to install audio wiring to wherever you want your sub.

The downside, other than the price of each, is that they run on the 2.4GHz frequency which means wireless devices galore have a chance of causing interference. There are however four channels to choose from which combined with the channel selection on the other 2.4GHz devices in your house should make it easier to find an interference free signal.


Lamborghini Murcielago Taxi Cab

Wow, that Lambo really puts that Lincoln next to it to shame. Whether you need to arrive in style or just need to get there quick, there is a Lamborghini waiting to get you to your destination.

Sure the fees are probably higher, but riding/arriving in a car where the doors lift up and there is a 6.5 liter, 633 brake horse power engine under the hood that rumbles to an idle upon arriving, well I’d say its probably worth it. Plus the 0-60 time of 3.4 seconds means you will get where you are going quick, even if its just from one stop light to the next.


Iomega releases a few good NAS solutions

There is the StorCenter Pro NAS 200r, StorCenter Pro NAS 200r with Print serving, and the StorCenter Pro NAS 150d. All three are new, and all three are aimed as small to medium businesses.

The 200r models are both rack mountable and have one terabyte of storage as well as support for tons of server level technologies making them easier to manage. They will be retailing for $1899 for the one without print support, and $2499 for the one with print support.


Climb@Tron R.E.X.

It’s a wall climbing robot. It has some sort of vacuum suction system on it that allows it to cling to walls like Spiderman.

For some reason I am doubtful of its ability to navigate in one direction or the other, likely it’s just up and down the wall with no left or right movement. Plus it will only work on clean, flat surfaces so that’s another downer.


Mobile Edge Monaco Notebook Case review

Mobile Edge Monaco Notebook Case review

The Monaco notebook bag from Mobile Edge is one of their “For Her” Collection. These bags are for working women who carry the laptops, with an emphasis on both style and functionality.

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