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BlackBerry Pearl 2 a.k.a. the 8120 Gets WiFi And More

The new BlackBerry, whose initial carrier is still up in the air, had been blessed with several new features. There is some new software as well as some new hardware, including WiFi.

Starting with the software, there is the version 4.3 OS installed. There are also some additions or fixes to SureType, email, and the nifty voice control stuff.


Griffin Amplifi Keeps It Simple, Yet Performs

WYSIWYG is pretty much spot on for this iPod speaker. There is a dock on top, a knob/button on the front and a very basic IR remote.

The remote keeps functionality simple with pause/play, skip, volume, and power. Basically to get started all you do is plug in the speaker/dock, dock your iPod or connect another audio source via the auxiliary input, push the knob on the front to turn it on, and then turn the knob to crank it up.


HTC announce European TyTN II smartphone launch

My my, has it really been over twelve months since HTC’s original TyTN launched?  They tell us it’s so, and thus spring (and by spring I mean confirm what everyone has pretty much known for a while now) the introduction of the cleverly-named TyTN II on the European market.  High on the handset’s list of curiosities is the slide’n’tilt 2.8-inch QVGA touchscreen display which not only clicks up to reveal a keyboard but is adjustable for angle should you want to pretend that the WM6 TyTN II is a teeny-tiny laptop.



WirelessGround USB Sync and Charge Cradle for iPhone

WirelessGround has gone and made a device that actually causes the purchaser to lose functionality compared to what’s included. So what a third party has released and iPhone charging/syncing dock, who cares when you lose functionality.

What do you lose? You lose the audio out and the speaker grill, and you lose $23. I suppose there is one upside; WirelessGround’s unit does look a far shot better.


Vestax S-1 is Guitar-Shaped Turntable for DJs

So maybe you were never all that good at playing and actual instrument or maybe you can’t put a decent lyric together even if you life depended on it, but you can DJ like Kid Capri. Well Vestax is trying to help you “Party like a Rock Star” with their new S-1 turntable.

Yes it looks like a high tech guitar, but if you notice, there are literally no strings attached. No, instead they rigged it up with a turntable and most of the mixing equipment you would find at a bare-bones DJ booth. How long you’ll be able to rock out is dependent on the skip-proof CD/MP3 player.


Miles Automotive All-Electric Four-Door Sedan

Miles Automotive, the company that makes a decent collection of more affordable all electric cars is finally bringing you one that you can take on the highway. Come 2008 they are releasing a 4-door sedan with an 80MPH top speed.

The car also has an estimated range of 120 or more miles and a mere 6 hour charge time. The car also has Bluetooth and GPS. And in case you were wondering, everything is all power, windows, door locks, etc.


Samsung Electronics Drops Two New MP3 Players, YP-P2 and YP-T10

Both are quite attractive and come in different colors. And they are bother feathery light, and quite thin. The YP-P2 weighs in at 3 ounces and the YP-T10 weighs in at half that. The dimensions of the YP-P2 are 3.9×2.1×0.4 inches while the YP-T10 is 3.8×1.6×0.3 inches.

They are both minimalist in design, only showing what is necessary to get the job done, but don’t let the minimalist exterior shy you away from the feature packed interior. Not only is the battery life for the YP-P2 and YP-T10 35 and 30 hours respectively when playing music, but they both feature Bluetooth. That feature can be put to use in some cars, a few home audio solutions, and several headsets supporting the A2DP profile.


Samsung YP-P2 Widescreen Portable Video and MP3 Player

Samsung introduced a new Bluetooth-enabled video and MP3 player today. The YP-P2 sports touch screen GUI and a 3-inch widescreen display. The YP-P2 is a gizmo with many functions including video, music, photos, voice recording, FM radio and text, as well as portable file storage.


Video of the Day – Internet Crash 2007

Today’s Video of the Day comes from the Onion. I’m sure that many of you have already seen this, as you trust the Onion as your primary source of news.


Rumor – New black & red DS Lites showing up with low-quality screens

Did any of you pick up one of those nice new black and red Nintendo DS Lites that just came out? If so, how’s your screen looking? Apparently there have been reports of these new handhelds sporting screens that aren’t exactly up to snuff.


Team from USC develops new holographic technology

True 3D holographic displays are something that one would have thought we would have by now. After all, the idea has been around in sci-fi for years, and it seems like it would be fairly simple to do. However, the creation of such a device that is practical for use has proven to be quite difficult to make.

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Dell Optiplex 775 – A great balance of

If one of you top concerns when it comes to a new computer is power efficiency, you might check out Dell’s line of Optiplex desktops.