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The Pepper Spray Stunning Ring

If you have the need to keep some kind of security on your body at all times you might want the discreet security of this Pepper Spray Stunning Ring. In case you were somehow confused by the name the stunning part is done by its sheer beauty.


The Mushroom LED Lamp

For any Mario fans out there show your pride with the Mushroom Lamp. It can keep your desktop lighted while your someplace else playing Mario Bros.


The Emergency Money Box

Well this is definitely one way to save up your pennies, the Emergency Break Glass Money Box. Inspired of course by the classic fire extinguisher boxes this little money box will make you think twice about snagging that change.


HDTV Pinball machine – Pinball jumps into the 21st century

I don’t know whether to be excited or depressed about this pinball machine. As you might notice from the picture, it doesn’t have the traditional parts that one would normally find inside the classing gaming machine.


Remington Typewriter Turned Into Steam Punk Keyboard

I don’t know what inspires people to make these amazing contraptions, but they are always works of art. And appear to be made and/or powered primarily by the hours and hours of thoughtful labor that likely goes into these projects.

In this case, a gentleman has taken a Remington typewriter apart and made it into a keyboard. It even features the arrows, number pad, F keys, and all the other keys one is accustomed to.


GSM Cell Phone Zone Alarm Based On Motion

So if you are paranoid you might want to hop on over to Hack-A-Day to see the GSM based motion sensor alarm they’ve recently posted. Essentially what happens is when the alarm is tripped, during a certain time period, it calls someone.

Now who that someone is would be up to you, but I would recommend the police. At the very least you yourself should be on the call list.


iPhone unlocking from iPhoneSIMfree will be available in less than 72 hours

iPhone unlocking from iPhoneSIMfree will be available in less than 72 hours

iPhoneSIMfree has posted FAQ for people who are wondering about their iPhone unlocking application. According to the FAQ, they are hoping to release the software within 72 hours. Everything on the iPhone will work as intended except for visual voicemail.

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Apple to host event on September 5th

Apple just can’t seem to keep a big event secret anymore. Remember that rumor about a big event on September 5th? Well Apple has finally confirmed it.


Concept: JVC Quasar, 360 Degree Sound

This polyhedron of immeasurable proportions is a concept of a sound system that spits out sound to all 360 degrees. Now if that’s too much geometry for you, it’s a speaker that instead of outputting sound through one face or side, it outputs through all of them.

The one thing you would expect a unit like this to do is surround sound; sadly that is not the case. It won’t do surround sound, but it should sound the same in a given room regardless of where you place it.


MP3 Player Shaped Like Cassette

And it works in an actual cassette player too! There are all the standard play functions and a head phone jack.

The music is stored on a separately sold SD card. It looks just like a real cassette tape too, with the two holes that you used to have to use a pencil in to wind the tape back in whenever it jammed.


Video of the Day – iPhone Accelerometer fun, yes it’s real!

Today’s Video of the Day is the cause of much debate. The video shows a guy doing some cool stuff using the iPhone’s accelerometer. The only problem is that until now, no one has been able to hack into the accelerometer and control it.


LEGO Indiana Jones – Coming in 2008

If any of you have played the LEGO Star Wars game, you probably know how much fun it is. Apparently George Lucas loves LEGOs so much that he’s passing on the rights to a similar game based on our favorite archaeologist.

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