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SanDisk Shipping 8GB Memory Stick Micro M2 Flash Cards

They aren’t quite shipping them to the public yet, instead they are shipping them to phone manufacturers and wireless network operators so they can test and try them out. Apparently they are just about only used in Sony Ericsson phones for storage of music, pics, and vids.

I suppose the idea of shipping these enormous flash cards for various phones and devices is that most media player manufacturers are hitting around the 4-8GB range in their players and they are selling like crazy. So instead of letting them take the entire market, they are just making cards to go in their mobile devices that make them comparable options.


IFA 2007 – Route 66 MAXI and MINI GPS videos

Satnav seems to be high on the agenda at IFA 2007, with the major players flaunting their latest wares.  TomTom arguably sets the standard, but one company European company still trying to get its foot in the door is Route 66.  Vincent stopped by their booth and shot some footage of the new MAXI and MINI units, the former with a 4.3-inch widescreen and the latter a 3.5-inch standard aspect screen, complete with Lonely Planet guides, MP3 player and photo viewer.

Check out the videos after the cut


Klipsch Palladium P-39F Home Theater Speakers Cost A Car

So you could go buy a fairly cheap new car, like a Dodge Caliber or a Chevy Cobalt, or you could buy this pair of new floor-standing speakers from Klipsch. I am a broke college student and after only seeing these things in the photo, I think it would be a toss up.

These colossal works of audio art utilize a 3.5-way (what?) Tapered Array that has some new proprietary horn-loaded tweeter made from acoustic dampening materials, that last part seems like a step in the wrong direction, but I am sure they sound great, anyways, on with the specs. The mid’s are of an inverted dome design and then there are the three whopping woofers.


Mainframe Is A Mildly Horrific Depiction Of Geek Art

Some of you may recognize this character from one of the many works of art by Dean Bradley. Well apparently Mr. Bradley has decided to produce a few hundred of these things as real life figurines.

With a head made out of a monitor, an axe in one hand, and feet made out of god knows what, I can’t determine whether the keyboard is another weapon he is wielding or his other hand. Regardless, this work of art is pretty great looking, and slightly disturbing.


Advanced Sound Devices Retro Tune Mini Jukebox

That’s a long name, but this thing does a lot. Not only does it maintain the retro look of an old jukebox, but cranks out tunes from several devices.

First, there is the iPod/iPhone dock, which can be controlled from the unit itself or some functions can be controlled via the remote. Then there is also the CD player and FM radio. It cranks out tunes from all those devices through a 2.1 speaker setup featuring a whopping 40 watts of power.


Yamaha Tenori-On Sequencer or A/V Art?

So it is a device, covered, at least on the front, in LED back-lit rubber buttons. Not only do these buttons work to make music, but with the built in visuals while the thing is working, they create art.

There is a video below, and that guy is clearly not having his first go at the device. However, it does seem simple enough, and with a low enough learning curve that it would probably be fairly easy to learn to use with some practice.


Custom iPod cases from Gerbera Designs

If you have a fancy for cool iPod cases then Gerbera’s Designs will give you plenty to choose from. Even a few for the guys.


When you’re feeling blue grab this hand to hold

Feel the need to call attention to yourself for no apparent reason? This leash is definitely one way to draw a few stares.


Creepy Cuckoo Clock from Michael Sans

Occasionally people take things a bit too literally. Usually when most people think cuckoo clock its not with an actual cuckoo bird.


iRobot Looj – Cleaning your gutters just got a whole lot easier

I don’t know how many of you have had the opportunity to enjoy the task that is cleaning out your gutters, but let me tell you, it’s a blast. Many people tend to put it off as long as they can, which isn’t exactly good on your gutters. But what if I told you cleaning your gutters could be fun? (more…)

Surface Tension – The arcade coffee table

Coffee tables are so boring, they just sit there an hold your drink and likely collect random junk over time. Wouldn’t it be better if it served another function like say, playing video games? This cool coffee table does.


IFA 2007 – Sharp’s super-thin LCD caught on video

It’s early days, but Sharp’s indecently thin LCD TV has undoubtedly been the talk of IFA 2007.  Just 20mm in the screen section, and a mere 29mm at its thickest, the glass-encased Aquos weighs just 25kg and yet boasts an astonishing 100,000:1 contrast ratio.  Little surprise that spontaneous gasps leaked from the audience on first seeing it.

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