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BioShock players angred – 2K takes care of uninstall/reinstall issues

Remember those BioShock issues that I told you about the other day? Apparently they didn’t stop there. People were having difficulty actually uninstalling the game properly, so that negated their whole plan for allowing you to uninstall/reinstall the game whenever you wanted. 2K has again responded to this issue. Hit the jump for their response.


DIY A/C unit – Keeps you cool for next to nothing

I don’t know about where you live, but here in Indiana it has been scorching hot for weeks (months?) on end. Everyone I know is trying to think of new ways to keep themselves cool during these hot days. Here’s a cheap way to use some everyday items to make a really cheap A/C unit.

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LG Prada covered in 24k Gold

LG Prada covered in 24k Gold

LG Prada is already a luxury item that has its user feeling very in tune with high-class fashion sense. A company called Amosu, kicked it up another notch by gold platting the LG Prada with 24k gold for the price tag of $989.70. So if you have an extra cash to throw around for the sake of fashion statement, you might want to grab one.

LG Prada goes gold [via bgr]

Insect Vacuum – It sucks big time…literally

Insect Vacuum – It sucks big time…literally

I always thought bugs and insect zapper was a crazy idea, and as of today that opinion of mine is off the table. Introducing the “insect vacuum”, a small gun-like mini vacuum that sucks up insects. The catch is you have to be within the range of its sucking power, which is around one to two inches.

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Palm Foleo gets delayed – does anyone really care?

I hope you weren’t too excited to get your hands on the new Palm Foleo. I would actually be quite surprised to find that anyone is all that excited about it to be honest. Anyway, if you were hoping to get yourself one, you’re going to have to wait for at least another month, maybe more.


NEStari – The ultimate NES/Atari handheld

I think it’s safe to say that Ben Heck is one of my heroes. This guy can take just about any gaming console into something far cooler than it was when he got it. Now he’s crammed an NES and an old Atari 2600 into a portable package.


Desk made with CPUs only hardcore geeks need apply

When Matt Tovey found himself with hundreds of discdared Itanium CPUs he was left with a decision. Toss them out or find a cool way to use them and of course as you can see he definitely found a way to use all those CPUs.


The Safe Bedside Table

With people trying to ban guns in certain areas we have to think about how to keep security tight in other ways. This Safe Bedside Table is just the kind of hidden security you need nowadays with all these hooligans roaming the streets.


The Nintendo NES Controller Reversible Necklace

For all the chick gamers determined to show your gaming pride out for all the world to see, this simple little necklace might be just the thing.


Lightening GT Electric Car is Lightening Quick

Ever since Tesla released their all-electric roadster their have been companies gearing up to give them some competition. It appears a company from the UK finally has a production model ready to compete.

And it does a fine job, the recharge time seems less than the Tesla, and the 0-60 time is slightly lessened. The recharge time is said to be the equivalent of “the time it takes to fill up a gas tank.”


LINDY Electronics USB Data Dock

The USB Data Dock is a 3.5 inch drive enclosure of sorts. It has three attachments, for lack of a better word. They are a card reader, HDD, and USB hub.

Each of the three can be disconnected from the enclosure and used on other PC’s on their own via a USB cable. Or you can use them as intended, and dock up to two of the three in the enclosure.


Intech TEMPO – Backup for your trash bin

Right now its just a concept, which looks amazing, and the suggested feature list is equally amazing. However if I had to guess, if anything like this were to ever actually be produced, it would probably have to lose one or two of the really cool features just to make it affordable.

So now you are probably wondering what it does and what these really cool features are right? It is a Bluetooth-powered, 250GB, external recycle bin that backs up all the files you delete. The feature I am willing to bet would get the axe first, the seemingly millions of LED’s on the side that display how full the drive is.

The designer, Franco Cagnina is a genius, because like I said it is a great idea both in appearance and functionality. Oh yeah, did I mention it’s shaped like an actual recycling bin with the whole recycle logo on the side?

Digital recycle bin saves deleted files [via technabob]