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Washing Machines Get Earth Friendly Upgrades

The first (the left of the picture) is the Airwash. Currently its just a concept invented by a couple students from Singapore, it went on to win the INDEX Design To Improve Life awards. It works with –ions, compressed air, and deodorants and cleans your clothes without the use of water.

The second (the right of the picture) is the Cyclean. It is a bike powered washer. It uses no electricity, instead its user hops on and rides nowhere quick, but it does clean your clothes. It is recommended for developing countries, where electricity can be put to far better uses.


Remember the Unlocked iPhone Being Sold In China? Yeah, It Works.

So some people started selling supposedly unlocked iPhones in Hong Kong, well it turns out they aren’t just vapor, they actually work. There are several pics and vids of one them being used with a Hong Kong CSL SIM.

The best part, everything works just like with an AT&T SIM. They aren’t too sure about SIM and Voicemail services, but everything else, even EDGE works fine.


Wooden Phone Made in Russia, Looks Great

I know that as a country we have come to be accustomed to the skinniest cell phones possible, but sometimes sacrificing a little extra girth for a true work of art is worth it. That is the case with this wooden cell phone from Russia.

You can tell from the pictures, everything except the buttons and screen has been replaced with wood. I am sure that if the creator has some way of fitting all that tiny font on those small pieces of wood for the keypad he probably would have replaced those too.


Rumor: Google Phone Coming in Two Weeks?

Apparently there are some people in India with loose lips. Sources that are said to be connected to Google’s press release efforts are saying the release could be as little as 2 weeks away and the phone could be released in as little as a month in both Europe and the US.

There are also talks of possible Indian carriers including Bharat Sanchar Nigam, Bharti Airtel, and Vodafone Essar. The talks among carriers in India are less important and less certain than the devices release.


TomTom Rider 2nd Edition Even More Bad To The Bone

So the second edition is available in Europe right now. It has a new Ram mount for your handlebars that will stand up to the throaty roar of your motor bike’s engine.

There is also and included Bluetooth headset from Cardo that works great for in-helmet communication between you and the device. Apparently the Bluetooth headset is kind of a moot point since most people that can afford an $800 GPS unit for their motorcycle can probably afford a helmet with integrated Bluetooth.


Orange County Choppers Make Pope Bike 2k7

I am a catholic, likely not as devout as most, but nonetheless I feel I am blaspheming and certifying my place in hell by writing this article, but at least I can say I am not the one who made the bike. So there was this guy, he was pretty big in, the world, his name was Pope John Paul the Second (II).

He was a pretty great guy, at least as far as most Catholics were concerned. Anyways, OCC, the guys famous for their hit TV show and their amazing theme bikes have gone and made a bike in his memory. I have dubbed it the Pope Bike 2k7, I have no idea what they are calling it.


Ion Tape2PC USB Cassette Deck Converts your Cassette Tapes To MP3

If you, or someone in your family has a large collection of that age old analog media known as cassettes, Ion has your back. Instead of hoping everything from your collection is on iTunes, this device/software combo can transfer all your cassettes directly into iTunes.

There is the dual tape deck with USB port that connects to your PC or Mac, driver free. Then there is the software that comes with, Audacity and the EZ Tape Converter from Mix Meister.


Sanyo LP-Z2000 3LCD Projector: It Could Be Bulkier

So it’s ugly, but I suppose if the rest of your stats were this good, so would you be. Wait for it; it’s a 1080p 3LCD projector selling for about $3255 in Japan.

Oh, and there is also the 15k:1 contrast ration and up to 2x zoom all projected at 1200 lumens. There are a couple component connections as well as the two HDMI 1.3a connections.


Humor: Microsoft Zune Phone Mockup, It Could Be Worse

No, it couldn’t, who am I kidding. So some people went to the trouble of making an entire video of what they thought the Zune Phone (zPhone?) would look like and some of its features if it were to be made.

Those features include a rotary phone dialing interface, Polaroid camera (the film type, not the camera brand), and a blinking LED digital alarm clock. Oh yeah, and the fully charged battery was dead by the end of the short video.


Rumor – Apple to announce new iPods at event on September 5th

Do you have any big plans for September 5th? If rumors are true, then Apple is preparing for yet another big announcement on that particular day. Once again the speculation is the launch of new iPods.


Lacquer and Palladium flash drive – Insanely expensive for no apparent reason

Some things just blow my mind. Perhaps the reason I can’t understand this next product is the fact that I’m not multi-millionaire. The Lacquer and Palladium flash drive by S.T. Dupont looks pretty much like any other flash drive, right?


AT&T weeps – The iPhone has been officially unlocked!

Today is a black day for AT&T. This is the day they lost exclusivity of the iPhone. No, their contract with Apple didn’t expire, rather, a hack has been perfected that will allow you to use your iPhone on any number of different networks.