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Video of the Day – Fighing Tetris blocks

Today’s Video of the day is just plain crazy. I think just about everyone has played Tetris at least once in thir lives. But how man people have actually dressed up as Tetris blocks?


IFA 2007 – DisplayLink teams up with LG for first widescreen in the European market

Remember that cool DisplayLink technology that we told you about a while back? Well, DisplayLink has teamed up with LG to release the first DisplayLink-compatible widescreen monitor in the European market.


The Rubik’s Cube Table

If you have a mind for puzzles you might want to pay tribute to the classic puzzle the rubik’s cube with this Rubik’s Cube Table.


Darth Vader Lamp – lights your way to the Dark Side

If you have a fancy for sci-fi inspired lamps then this Star Wars lamp is right up your alley. Hey, why shouldn’t you have an evil villian’s head to light your way?


HP Virtus – The offspring of the HP/Voodoo team?

Since HP acquired Voodoo we really haven’t seen anything exciting come out of it. HP is still selling the same old PCs, and Voodoo keeps doing what they’re good at. However, this new HP desktop looks like it may have some influence from the guys at Voodoo.


Shure SE110 Sound Isolating Earphones – They’ll block out sound, for a price

I wouldn’t really call myself an audiophile. I do have a decent ear for good sound, but I don’t require a high-end music system just to keep me happy. I do however, hate crappy headphones, headsets and earphones. If the sound quality is bad that close to my ears, or they are just plain uncomfortable, there’s no way I’m going to use them very long. Shure has announced a new set of earphones that promise to deliver great sound quality and comfort to those that love to listen to music on the go.


AMD K10 Benchmarks – They don’t look good, but there’s still hope

I was always taught that you can’t judge a book by its cover. I’ve learned in recent years that you can’t always judge a piece of hardware by early benchmarks either. However, for those of you that like to know these things as early as possible the first benchmarks of the new AMD K10 have shown up, and they’re not good.


Xbox Live is having a sale on games

I like playing games, in fact I spend a lot of my spare time doing just that. The problem with games is that they cost money. However, if you’ve got an itch for a new game or two, Microsoft might just be able to satisfy you need a little cheaper this weekend.


IFA 2007 – Exclusive video hands-on of LG’s KS20: the HSDPA Prada

Back in February we showed you exclusive photos of what at the time looked to be an LG Prada handset running Windows Mobile 6; well, at IFA 2007 LG unveiled just that – it’s called the KS20 and it’s pretty much the answer to everyone who wanted the style of the Prada but with the power of a full smartphone. Vincent has shot some exclusive video footage of the KS20 – which is rocking HSDPA high-speed cellular broadband, dual-cameras for video conferencing and full internet access – and as you can see they’ve adapted the WM6 OS to take on board some of the Prada’s UI niceness.

More footage and photos from the exhibition floor, after the cut…


OCZ Vanquisher – Keep your rig cool and quiet

OCZ has really made a name for themselves in the PC enthusiast market with their kick-ass memory. That’s not to say that they don’t make plenty of other cool products. In fact they have just announced their latest CPU cooler dubbed the Vanquisher.


IFA 2007 – SlashGear Exclusive video hands-on of the LG Viewty KU990

It may have a daft name, but the spec list for the LG “Viewty” KU990 is nothing if not impressive. Vincent managed to score some exclusive footage of the handset – think Prada phone on the sort of steroids supermodels only dream of – at IFA 2007.

More video footage – including a feature tour – and photos from the exhibition floor after the cut…


Rumor – Disagreements with Apple could lead to NBC shows being pulled from iTunes

Don’t you like how easy it is to access media on the internet? You hear a song on the radio, then just head on over to iTunes and download it. The new season of Heroes is about to start, just head over to iTunes and download it. Well, that last part might soon come to a screeching halt.


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