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Concept: Samsung S700 Digital Camera Doubles As Digital Picture Frame

The concept by Jin Woo Han seems quite simple and highly practical. I don’t know how powerful of a camera it will be, but the combined functionality will more than make up for it for most users.


Phoebus MB6000 – Walk and Connect Wirelessly Like An Egyptian

First the facts, its shaped like a pyramid, but no one is buried inside. Second the technical specs, 802.11b/g WiFi router powered by your 3G card.


Star Wars Social Networking Cards – For the proud geek

When you’re meeting with a business client, you generally exchange business cards with them at some point. If you’re looking for a way to quietly tell them that you’re a huge geek, slip them a business card with Yoda on the front, that should get the point across.


Pantech chooses to release C150 in white only

It looks like Pantech has decided to stray away from the black C150, instead opting only for a white color. We’ve got some updated pics of the new color.

The C150 is a great candy-bar camera phone that’s got plenty of features to keep most people happy. Instant messaging support is always great, along with email access for Yahoo!, AOL and Windows Live make sure that you’re always accessible.

More pics after the jump


Barcelona to ship this quarter, AMD to refocus on power efficiency

It’s no secret that AMD has been struggling lately. They have posted a loss for the third straight quarter. While some of those losses can be attributed to the acquisition of the ATI brand, they’ve also been steadily losing ground to rival Intel. Despite these negatives, the company has assured everyone that they’re still in the game.


Asus P750 – Confirmed

We’ve gotten some new info on the Asus P750 that we told you about the other day. We can expect the GPS-enabled phone to go on sale sometime in October. We’ve also got a better picture of the handset.


Target to carry Blu-ray for holiday season, no mention of HD DVD

It looks like Target is going to try and put a nail in HD DVDs coffin by carrying a Blu-ray player and Blu-ray discs for the holiday season.

Target will begin carrying the Sony BDP-S300 Blu-ray player sometime in October for $499. At that price, I can’t really see a point in buying it. If you’re thinking about buying someone a Blu-ray player for Christmas would you rather spend 500 bucks on something that just plays Blu-ray and DVDs, or something that does the same thing, and just happens to be a powerful gaming console for the same price? Though for all we know the 60GB PS3s could be gone by then and the Blu-ray player could drop in price.


Saitek designs LCD screen gauges for flight sims

My dad used to be a pilot years ago, so he enjoys spending time playing flight sims on his computer, as he finds it very relaxing. If any of you enjoy flying on your computer as much as he does, I’m sure you’d enjoy a set of these LCD gauges from Saitek.


Blast player from Oppo makes the iPod look fat

Is your video iPod or Zune just a little hefty to carry around. While I’ve never really thought that the iPod was too thick, the Zune would certainly be uncomfortable to carry in one’s pocket. This new media player is boasting a size so thin that no one could complain.


Logitech Comfort Wave promises natural typing with no learning curve

I used to have an ergonomic keyboard that I typed on for years. It always felt more comfortable to type on than your average keyboard, however, I had two issues with it. The first was that any time someone else used my computer, they complained that my keyboard was hard to type on. The second was that whenever I used a PC with a regular keyboard, it took some time to adjust. Logitech has released a new kind of ergonomic keyboard that promises to eliminate these issues.


Sony set to release first HD Video Walkman in Europe

Sony Europe is set to release their newest addition to their Video Walkman line. What does this one have that the others don’t? HD.


7 port Buddy Hub – Share multiple USB devices with ease

With so many devices that rely on our USB ports it’s not surprising to find many people have a USB hub, or even a switch to share a USB device between multiple computers. However, what if you wanted to combine those two things together?


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