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Doorknob Condition – More effective than a “Do not disturb” sign

One doesn’t really think of doors as being very high-tech. Granted, you do have some with pretty high-tech security locks and biometric scanners.. This doorknob doesn’t have all of that fancy high-tech stuff inside it, but it does have a high-tech look about it.


New Panasonic 8GB Pro SDHC SD Memory Card

That’s right, 8GB which apparently equates to a little over three thousand images. With the number of digital pictures I have taken, I couldn’t even begin to fill that card, thankfully its uses aren’t limited to photography.

The full name for the card is the RP-SDV08GU1K. It contains a class 6 speed specification allowing transfers to top out at around 6MB/s.

Win a Wii for $2, AKA Real Life Spam

Apparently there is a place in Jersey where you can play one of those clearly-rigged crane games for a Nintendo Wii. The cost is $2 per play, sounds like something I get in my email from time to time.

Sadly the game is real, and not spam. Here is a little info about me, my sad, sad life has led me to a point where I work at a gas station during the day (hey, I am a college student and they work around my schedule).


Rumor – Xbox 360 Core System discontinued

We’ve heard plenty of rumors about Microsoft dropping the price of the Xbox 360 by $50. However, the latest rumor is that they may in fact pull a Sony and kill off the low-end Core System.


Chic Laptop Cases from Abbi New York

If you’re in the market for a chick friendly laptop case here is yet another fun option to change up all the drab black and tan cases currently on the market. The Abbi New York’s laptop boutique offers not one but several different options, none of which are tan.


Airplane Light for the child at heart

If you’re looking for a bit of childhood inspired décor this airplane light is just chic enough to sneak into your adult home.


Self-Destruct button cellphone charm

Finally a phone charm that makes sense, a self destruct button. Who doesn’t need an ominous red button to push every now and then?


Belkin “Find Us A New Slogan” Contest Winner

The time has finally come for a winner to be announced. First lets list what they’ve won. The contents of this gracious prize pack from our wonderful sponsors at Belkin are as follows: a TuneBase™ FM Transmitter for Zune™ F8M026 and the TunePower® for Zune™ F8M027.


SlashGear Review: Gateway MT6839b Laptop

How long will it be until the desktop PC is, for mainstream customers at least, pronounced dead? It’s been several years since sales of laptops exceeded their table-bound brethren, and ever since the numbers have increased and the places you can find notebooks for sale have grown more and more unusual.

Gateway are one manufacturer who have partly stepped outside of the usual retail channels with their range. Their UK arm were good enough to send me an MT6839b – a model currently sold in this country’s leading supermarket retailer Tesco – but equivalents of which can be found in other channels too. With a MRSP of £599 ($1,220 at today’s awful exchange rate) it’s a good example of an entry-point machine for families and students.


LG R200 12.1-inch Santa Rosa notebook

LG unveiled its new Santa Rosa based ultra portable notebook called R200. It is using 12.1-inch screen with black and white gloss finish chassis. The R200 features Intel Core 2 Duo 7300 processor clocked at 2.0Ghz with Intel 965 chipset. It sports 802.11 a/b/g/n wireless with 1.0GB turbo memory.

[via aving]

iPhone keyboard on Nokia N800 internet tablet

Well, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and it does not get old especially in modding and hacking world. iPhone is the hottest thing right now and some modders have developed a utility for the Nokia N800 internet tablet to emulate iPhone virtual keyboard.


Holga K202 Cat Camera – 35mm camera that meowwww!

Holga K202 Cat Camera – 35mm camera that meowwww!

You thought camera couldn’t be fun; then try this one, the Holga K202 Cat Camera. This camera is made to attract and keep kids focus on looking at the camera with its meowwwww sound.

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